From the Beginning…

look familiar?

Like most overweight stories, my problems began in childhood and have continued since.  I still remember the day in high school when one of my teachers remarked how I had “plumped up over the summer.” That was a devastating comment because it was from a male teacher whom I trusted and valued.  From that point on I have hovered around the weight I was when he gave said remark.

My first diet was Weight Watchers and this was before the reign of points and numbers.  It was back during a time when the company really taught it’s followers to measure food portions and analyze what types of foods one chooses to eat each day.  That was a great foundation for me who was not used to understanding what 1/2 a cup of cooked vegetables looked like.  That experience has probably helped me not be any bigger than I am, otherwise, I may have been under the disbelief that one can “eat anything I want and still lose weight.”

Over the years the diets became more varied due to boredom and experimentation. Let’s see, there has been the occasional fad diet from various magazines, the Cabbage Soup Diet, Slim Fast shakes, Prism (a Christian based diet plan), counting calories, Shrink Your Female Fat Zones (Denise Austin), The Millennium Diet and a sprinkling of others.  Basically a fair taste of diets and their “ideal” plans.

In the end though, I think it comes down to consistency and maintaing the low calorie way of eating for the long haul.  I just seem to have this pesky appetite though!  At times I can become completely ravenous and my cravings are seemingly uncontrolable.  What to do, what to do?  It is unfair and believe me, if there was an appetite suppressant that really worked, I might consider using it. Perhaps I should also mention, just so that you have a context, I am approximately 15 to 25 pounds overweight depending on my stress levels and mood swings.  Yep, that’s me on the right.

The Before!

I haven’t mentioned exercise yet, that started at about age 15 when I would record T.V. programs on ESPN while in school.  Afterwards I would rewind them and do the various routines led by the Bodies in Motion team.  This was my personal choice of exercise and again taught me great habits such as combining aerobic exercise with strength training for maximum results.  Thank God it was beyond the age of just doing mass amounts of cardio in head bands and side pony tails.

So that brings me to today.  What exactly is my problem?  Why can’t I get the discipline to get DOWN THERE to that PERFECT weight, or at least stay there when I hit that holy grail?  This is perhaps why I have begun the blog.  To explore my issues, share them with you and help guide and support you at the same time.  Let’s work together.  I really want feedback and suggestions.  If you have something amazing to say or recommend, say it proud and loud as long as it isn’t too harsh.  Constructive criticism is welcomed here but in the frame of a kind heart and a gentle spirit.  Of course, if you’re really mad, perhaps I should know that too in case I have said something incorrect or out of place.


So, what is your story?


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