Get Inspired!

Sundays have often been days of inspiration for me.  Whether going to church and being challenged to love my fellow man or taking long drives to view the landscape around me, I always think of Sundays as being lazy yet reflective days. I often think of how my week went and if there was anything more I could accomplish before a new one begins.  Cooking something “comforting” and surrounding myself with friends or family or both are also things I enjoy doing on Sundays.

This brings me to the point (thank goodness!). Sundays will be dedicated to inspirational posts.  Things that inspire me to keep on the path of health, wellness and slimness will be shared with you dear reader. Perhaps in doing so I can inspire you which is important to me. One can’t be too inspired after all, right?  Let this be my contribution.  Lots of things inspire me.  I am an artist of sorts and look to many of the things around me in my everyday environment to keep me motivated; and not just for losing weight.  Today’s inspirational idea is a basic one however. It is the visual of how I want to look when all is said and done.  You know what I mean, when I cross that far-off-in-the-distance finish line of slim, fit and healthy.  So here are two pix of what my ideal shape could look like.  One is more on the “cut” and muscular side and one is slim yet curvaceous, so I’m thinking about looking like something betwixt the two. This is my version of the word “Thinspiration” (which I loathe by the way). I have these tacked up in plain sight for me to see all day long.

My Ideal Bodyweight

So what about you?  Do you have a visual of how you want to look pasted up to view everyday?  If not, why?


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