Drinking Problem

I’m on to you.  You have a problem and it’s getting worse.  You’ve tried to lick the habit but it remains and gets more out of control all the time.  Every day you wake up thinking “today will be different.” But try as you might, the issue remains and day after day, week after week, nothing ever changes.  Your best intentions to make plans and organize your strategy get constantly thwarted.

You know if you don’t get this under control you’re going to look like this sooner than later:

So, is this where you want to end up? Then listen up!  You need to DRINK MORE WATER!




Drinking water has tons of benefits.  Today’s Sunday post is meant to be inspirational, so let me help you out:

1. More water helps retain your body’s status quo meaning that 60% of your body is water, so it needs constant hydration to remain in that balance.

2. Water helps regulate enzymes which help you process food into energy and waste.  Not drinking enough may delay this process making you constipated (yuck!).

3. Water helps keep your skin clear and radiant.  Not necessarily wrinkle free, but it will “plump” up the skin more when you have enough moisture in your cell membranes.

4. It helps the kidneys rid your system of nasty toxins and waste materials.  You don’t want to be a holding tank for rank!

5. Also, it may help prevent tiredness/fatigue, headaches, hunger pains (yes!) and cravings for unhealthy alternative drinks.

reach for the water

So stop being lazy and make a plan of action to get that water into you more often. Buy water bottles that you fill each and every morning as a ritual. Plan to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day like 12 oz. before each meal. Have also half of your body weight in ounces as your guideline for how much you should drink. The 8 glasses a day rule is good, but it isn’t exact. Heck, just drinking water more than anything else is better than doing nothing. Just drink it!

Here are some water pix that may get you thirsty for the clear stuff!:


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