Re-Group, Re-Commit & Relax

Hey there,

I feel FAT!

I know that you may be like me at this time in the year where you feel anxious about what has just happened and now worried about what is to come.  I’m talking about Thanksgiving being freshly over with and Christmas/New Year’s/other Seasonal Holidays I’m not affiliated with, are on their way. This also includes the avalanche of sweets/treats/obligations/and zillions of reasons why “I just couldn’t work-out today” excuses. Yep, it’s a problem and I want to tell you how I’m going to handle this tricky situation:


Maybe Thanksgiving wasn’t just on one day for you (or me, but I’ll never tell) and it continued on through the wee hours of the weekend.  Then now is the perfect opportunity to think about how you’re going to remedy that fiasco. Personally, I’m not going to get crazy and depressed over how much I gained or how bad I ate or how little I exercised or, or, or….. I’m going to think about how to jump back into the swing of things; that being getting healthy and fit and remembering what goals I set for myself before the eating frenzy began. Yes, I do think it is possible to remain on a healthy eating and exercise plan during the holidays.  One can do anything they want if they want it bad enough. (This isn’t the post where I recommend what exact goals to keep in mind. I’m going to assume that you already have a plan of action and just need a kick in the butt to get going. If you don’t have a plan, well, start thinking of one! I love reading other people’s blogs to see what they are doing and what goals they have set for themselves. It gets me inspired and gives me ideas.)


Do I really need to explain it? Just start doing what you know is right and do it NOW! Don’t wait for tomorrow or the day after or after Christmas or after New Year’s or, or, or…. Today is Thursday as I post this, so, for example, I will be doing my Thursday workout DVD and Yoga program. I will also eat the food/meals that I planned prior to Turkey Day (yes, I did that) for today. And I will continue this pattern right on through the month of December.  Yesterday there were two GIANT trays of treats in the lobby of my work and I passed by them like the wind all the while thinking “I’ll feel much better about myself if I ignore it.” Plus I always remind myself about bacteria hanging around food sitting out in the open and that grosses me out. Side Note: I’m not saying never partake in any holiday festivity or to always pass up the seasonal foods/drinks (eggnog w/brandy anyone?); I’m talking about keeping on track most of the time. Make room for splurges, but not a habit.


Relax, it’s just weight and it will come off eventually (if consistent). Try not to be too frustrated this time of year. It’s supposed to be a happy time and people don’t want to socialize with a dieting grump. If all else fails, just stick to your exercise routine to maintain your fitness level. You don’t want to really begin again on Jan. 1. Let others fiddle with those elusive goals.  You know what you want and you can achieve it. Don’t let some holiday cookie platter spoil your dreams.

Get Going!


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