Heart Rate Zones & Monitors

Today’s Exercise Monday Post:

Polar_RS400_Heart_Rate_MonitorIf you are already a whiz at cardio vascular exercise and know-all-about-it, then this post is moot for you.  But I would like to say that if you don’t use a heart rate monitor, you should be; and that’s all I will say on the matter to you.

For the rest, I think that you should get acquainted with a heart rate monitor if you have been exercising (cardio) for a good amount of time and feel ready for the next challenge.  It is crucial that you go to the next level when you body feels ready for it.  Don’t try and push it.  Why do you need a heart rate monitor? Because you want to be checking your heart rate zones regularly throughout your exercise sessions. This will ensure that you are working out hard enough and not just spinning your wheels.

There are many to choose from.  Get one that fits within your budget and does the job without breaking down too quickly.  They run on batteries that need to be changed every 2 years or so; at least in my experience.  I have one that is generic, one that can go under water and has alarms, and one that tells me the caloric burn I’m getting. They all/most strap onto your chest and transmit a frequency to your wrist band.

Here is my video on the subject where I discuss in detail about heart rate zones and the levels you should be aiming for:

P.S. The heart rate monitor should strap onto your skin underneath clothing. I usually place it right under my exercise bra strap so that it doesn’t slide down while I’m working out.


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