Style Envy

Today’s Sunday Inspiration Post:

I absolutely love reading online fashion blogs to see what other people are wearing.  It is also great to learn tips about how to dress better and to do it on a budget (like me).  One of the things that always hits me is that I prefer to see a fashionable outfit on a thin person, as opposed to a person of my size.  Now granted, I am not saying that I want to look like a model or a stick figure.  I personally find these shapes un-womanly and I am not proportioned to ever be a straight stick. Even so, I find myself envious of the thinner physique because it seems to carry the outfit better.  This inspires me to continue on my journey to meet my weight loss goals so that I will look better in my current clothes and in the clothes that I hope to acquire once I meet those goals.

Here are a few images of fashion that keep me motivated:

cute outfit


coco chanel


grace kelly

ines de la fressange

street style and the city Paris 6783

channel/audrey tatou



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