Today’s Foodie Friday Post:

to cheat or not to cheat

to cheat or not to cheat

Do you cheat?  Do you know what I mean?

If you are a seasoned dieter/weight loser type of person like myself, there comes a time in the week where you get a little hankering for something “bad.”  So you start thinking of ways to incorporate your treats into your calorie allowance.  That works for a while (maybe) and then you realize “Hey, I could just give myself a cheat meal where I eat all those things I’m craving but can’t have usually while on this stupid diet!!! Genius!!!!” The idea is, you eat what you want in that one meal and then go right back on the diet as soon as it’s over.  Some turn this into a cheat day, and (heaven forbid!) some do a cheat weekend.

I’m pondering this concept because I’m wondering what others think about this topic. I will do a Google Search and try to find other’s opinion on the matter soon, but thought I should also present the idea here first.

I think that it is possible to cheat on a diet and still lose weight.  However, this is a very complicated answer because there are many variables that must be present in order for my last sentence to be true. One must think about what type of cheat meal they will be indulging in.  Is it fast food or someone’s meal prepared in their home? Is this a many course meal with wine, appetizers and dessert to follow?  What are we talking here?  That would depend on the person and there are as many possibilities as there are people.

For me, I usually have a sense of when I am getting full and always try to tap into that feeling to let me know it’s time to put down the fork. That being said, if I’m eating something sweet that messes with my blood sugar, sometimes that feeling (otherwise known as the hormone receptor leptin) isn’t a clear bell gonging in my ear. I over-eat, in other words, often enough to not lose weight. But what if I was super careful? Like allowing myself a certain calorie allowance to go overboard? Technically it works, but it sure takes the fun out of the moment. Plus I would have to research how many calories are actually in that cheat food/meal – again, BORING!

What do you think?  No way Jose? I know the body builder Tosca Reno would say “Never.” Never is just SO LONG!!!


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