Blonde Ambition

Today’s Inspirational Sunday Post:

Well, I’ve been a naughty blogger and have not posted in a few weeks.  If you are reading this out of sequence, at the time that I am writing this we are knee deep into the Christmas Holiday Season. I’m just going to quickly mention that the whole of the month has been fine, but one week has not and may have derailed my best intentions.  Live and learn as they say!  And onward and upward regardless.

Today I want to introduce you to a gal I see singing at a fab-O club that my trio sometimes gets the opportunity to sing at.  It’s

It's Her!

It’s Her!

called The Cicada Club and it is in downtown Los Angeles right in the heart of the jewelry district.  The area is a bit bummy, if you catch my drift, but the club is a tiny piece of heaven in the ugly that surrounds it.  One of the singers that frequents the club and sings when we are there is named Christine Nelson and in the past has hosted her own shows there:

Wow! Is she smokin’ hot or what??? I have the biggest girl crush on her and can’t get enough.  She not only is a great entertainer, but she is so glamorous on

in the middle

in the middle

stage (and off) and wears formals like no other dame.  I long to be a fraction of her beauty.  She was just at the club last Friday for The Johnny Holiday Program and was even more beautiful than the video portrays her.  Some say she is too thin; perhaps, but I am looking at the whole package. Graceful, charming, beautiful, elegant and gorgeous are all up my ally. Just thought I’d share!

her favorite drink: Champagne w/ Chambord

her favorite drink: Champagne w/ Chambord


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