100 Calorie Bonus

Today’s Exercise Monday Post:

Well, how are those resolutions working out so far? HMMMMM??? Don’t worry, you have a whole year to accomplish them and if they don’t happen, then they aren’t meant to be.  You will put your time and energy where your heart is.  Sometimes that means doing nothing for a while for whatever reason.  I won’t hold it against you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe post for today is kinda weird, but I was thinking about it when I was actually walking the dog this morning.  It made sense in my mind at the time, but now it seems a little out of context…no matter; I’ll continue with the weirdness. I was thinking about ways that I try to incorporate movement and getting outside into my daily life.  Perhaps I mentioned this before, but if I don’t plan on doing things (like actually writing them down in a daily planner according to time) nothing gets done. That literally means I won’t get out of bed until 1:00 pm. This is not a recipe for a productive life. So, one of my goals for the new year was to be more organized with my time and part of that goal is walking the dog in the morning.

I once wore my heart rate monitor on the dog walk to see how many calories I burned for the hour we strolled the hood.  I then checked this number against wearing it doing normal activities, such as reading blogs and puttering around in the kitchen. It turned out that I burned an extra 100 calories on that hour walk. (This does not include my workout time.  I have a separate time for that which also burns calories.) Now 100 calories may not be much, but yet it is! That’s an extra glass of wine, or 2 pieces of fruit, or just an extra 100 calorie bonus burn-off!  When I don’t do the walkies, I feel like I really miss the 100 calorie bonus and the dog is devastated.

So, how does this apply to you? Not sure, but I think that I wanted to point this out because it is an example of how to get more movement into your daily life outside of exercise time. (The dog needs a walk despite my needs, otherwise he would tear up the house.) What are some things you could add to your daily life that could burn an extra 100 calories? Gardening? Cleaning the house? Walking to the grocery/drug store? Parking really far away all the time? Just ideas. I think it’s a good thing Martha.


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