Try Something New

Today’s Exercise Monday Post:

Unknown-1Do you ever feel like you are in an exercise rut? Like you have been doing the same damn thing for 3 years? Even though it may have brought you results and it feels “right” to your body, don’t you think you would benefit from changing up that routine? This is my philosophy, mostly because I bore easily, but I think change is good – especially when it comes to exercise.

try something newSo I challenge you this week, to do just that – try something new that you haven’t done before.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive (or it can depending on your means), but pick something that scares you a little bit. Something that you have been thinking about but just haven’t had the guts to do it. You know what I mean.

Too Much?

Too Much?

The excuses run the gamut. Maybe it’s “I don’t feel up to it; I don’t feel strong enough; I may puke; Everyone will laugh at me; What if I fall? (and the best one) I don’t have the right gear/clothes/outfit!” Ok, if it something dangerous or putting your life on the line, I give you permission to put if off a while longer (perhaps to train for it???) But even so, if the activity needs training, then get started with that.  At least call the training place and make an appointment.

images-2It won’t kill you and you can always decide to not do it if it really feels wrong.  You don’t have to announce that you will back out, but allow yourself the opportunity to take the fear out a little bit.  Sometimes not having a choice makes the fear worse.  Remember when you went down the length of the high dive at the pool and everyone was at the bottom yelling “Do It!”, that’s what I mean.

images-1One of my favorites: “Whether you think you can or you can’t – you are right!” – Henry Ford


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