Great Nutritional Read

Today’s Inspirational Sunday Post:


Just a quick tip for today.  I absolutely love, love, love, love, love (did I mention LOVE!) the tiny little publication called nutrition-actionNutrition Action Health Letter that comes out monthly.  Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D. is theimages Executive Director of the mag and always has an insightful memo to readers on the flip side of the front page.  He is associated with the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

A few article titles include:

  • “The Healthy Cook” LOVE this because it always has recipes
  • “Brainmakers, Can Popping Pills Preserve Memory?”
  • “Right Stuff / Food Porn” compares two similar products w/ very different results
  • “Food Rumors, Have You Heard?”
  • “Multiplex, What You Need to Know About Multivitamins”
  • “Gluten Free Confusion, Separating Fact from Fiction”
  • “Pastabilities, How to Find a Super Sauce”
  • “Carbo Loading, Do You Overdo Refined Grains?”
  • “Achoo! How to Avoid Catching a Cold”
  • “Pizza for One, How to Have It Your Way”
  • “Metabolic Meltdown, How a Spare Tire Leads to Diabetes & Heart Disease”
  • “Dress It Up, How to Make Your Salad Spin”
  • “Living In a Microbial World, Learning to Love Your Bacteria”
  • “Beyond Bread, Think Thin”
  • “Gut Myths? Clearing Up Confusion in the GI Tract”


I really can’t say enough amazing things about this magazine.  The guys/gals that write and research the articles are major health aficionados who REALLY CARE about making the public aware of what is healthy and what is bologna. The recipes are the bomb, full of fresh produce and lean meats; often times vegetarian in nature that would make a carnivore’s mouth water.  A healthy cook couldn’t ask for more.  The comparison article featured in every issue called “Right Stuff / Food Porn” makes one think twice about heading out to Hagen Daas for an ice-cream confection; or how to face the frozen food section in your neighborhood grocery store.  PLEASE subscribe to this magazine.  It will be a major benefit to help you stay inspired for eating and living well.

Nutrition Action


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