Tough Workout

Today’s Exercise Monday Post:


So I wanted to share with you a workout I did this past Saturday that kicked my ass. Let’s just say I ended up with rug-burn on my knuckles and a broken blister on my knee (???).  I may end up sharing a lot of these, but some may already know about them.  Let me explain:

If you haven’t already, meet Suzana Light or sometimes she is known as Zuzka or Zuzana, or….other things. She is,images-2 unfortunately, a former porn star (with another name I might add) who got out of the business without too much damage.  She married a guy named Freddy and they started a website called BodyRock.Tv.  It was highly successful, and if you go to YouTube and look for videos of theirs, you will find plenty with views in the millions. I first noticed her on the front page of YouTube in these, shall we say, UBER sexy shots with her booty up in the air and all.  Then I realized that it wasn’t just a marketing ploy, they really were images-1legit workouts designed to give you a booty like hers. Well, good luck is all I have to say if you dare try them.  The story continues though; last year she and Freddy divorced bitterly, and BodyRock.Tv is different with different faces and much tougher workouts (do try them though!).  Suzana kept going and now does her own thing called ZWOW.  When I first found her after the marriage debacle, her workouts were under different names.  The one that I did on Sat was under the name ZWOD #2.  It is in two parts, but I will only paste the first video because it has all the info that one would need.


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