Try This One Thing!

Today’s Think It Through Thursday Post:


Have you seen those commercials advertising “Try this one thing for permanent weight loss!” or something to that effect?  I’m sure it’s a lure to have you clicking on to some herbal supplement that has little to no research behind it.  Anywhom, I actually do have a “Try this one thing for permanent weight loss” idea for you.  And I think it really will work and I think it is the magic bullet that everyone one wants.  What is it you ask? Consistency.

Yep, that’s it.  Consistency. No magic, but it can have magical results.  What do I mean?  I have this conversation with a person that I am related to on a regular basis.  It goes something like this (I shall refer to this person as “M”) M: “I really need to lose weight.” Me: “Well, why don’t you?” M: “Because everything is happening at once, so and so wants to get together, we have a party to go to, we have a reunion, we have a vacation/cruise/trip, people invite us over for dinner.” Me: “Those things will always be a part of your life.  You need to try to incorporate good eating habits despite those events that normally would make you overeat.” M: “I know, I KNOW! I don’t want to talk about it anymore because it gets me all upset.  Now let’s change the subject!!!” And then we have the conversation again a month later.


My point?  Well, I am a master at knowing how to eat and exercise to lose weight in order to become the gorgeous goddess I hope to be.  My problem, as well as M’s problem, is we don’t do those things consistently and therefore sabotage our efforts.  You see, if I eat and exercise for 4 days of the week like a real champion of weight loss and then for 3 days “take a break” or just throw everything out the window and eat willy-nilly with little to no exercise, then those 4 days are moot.  It will either make me gain weight slowly (what has actually been happening to me over the past 2 years) or keep me at  the higher weight with only small fluctuations; in a sense – yo-yoing.

Consistency is truth.  Being consistent in your weight loss efforts helps you become  hyper-aware to everything you do to achieve it.  Now granted, weight fluctuations happen despite our best efforts sometimes (I know this as a female!). But the overall effect needs to be the same.  If you want to lose a pound a week that means you must eat or burn off 500 calories a day.  In order to do this correctly you have to know how many calories you’re eating on a daily basis to keep you at your current weight.  Then you do the math from there.  It’s not rocket science, but it does take awareness.  No, you should not turn a blind eye and just hope it all falls off.  I think that’s a dumb idea.  You need to write down what you eat and eat healthy foods….consistently.

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