Away From Motivation

Inspirational Sunday: Away From Motivation

Me aboard The U.S.S Iowa

Me aboard The U.S.S Iowa

Okay, so I’m showing you are really awkward and unappealing pix of me (in my opinion, of course).  But the purpose is to talk about this concept called “Away From Motivation.” I first heard of it from Renee Stevens on the podcast Inside Out Weight Unknown-1Loss. The basic premise is, your prime motivation to lose weight is to get away from where you are.

It goes something like this: When you first begin the process to actually lose weight, there is a major stress factor on how you look now and how that effects you emotionally.  Thus, when you realize how “ugly and fat” you’ve become, you want to lose weight with a lot of determination.  This motivational ball roller lasts only so long, however.  When you do start to lose weight and your emotions start to calm down; and others tell you how great you look, the momentum of that particular motivation starts to break.  You no longer look and/or feel “ugly and fat” and may even be looking quite hot!  Then and there one must use other motivational factors to keep them going until they reach their ultimate goal.  The idea being – negative motivation  can only last so long. Only being positive will have lasting effects.  Sort of like, you can only be mad at someone for so long.  After a while, you let it go or move on because constantly holding onto a hateful feeling is horribly draining.

For the record, let’s just say I’m still in the Away From Motivation part of the process.  I’ll keep you updated though when this changes. How about you? What motivates you?



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