How to Lose Weight 101

Think It Through Thursday: How to Lose Weight 101

Hello People!

Sorry I missed a few posting opportunities and my weekly food log update.  Was not able to get to the computer for various reasons.  But….I did not go off my diet or exercise regime.  I did lose 1/2 pound last week, and am knee deep into this week.  Can’t say this week will be good as far as weight loss success, but I’m doing my best, especially on this LOVE day – Valentines…chocolate anyone?

Anywhom, I wanted to put up a video I made ages ago about losing weight; specifically 2 pounds per week as the title suggests.  Now, my current plan is to not lose 2 pounds per week (I like eating), but 1.  Therefore, I am only cutting out 500 calories off of my BMR number.  Do you know what BMR is? I’ll have to dig up that video too so you can use the proper numbers to find what your losing weight number should be. That sounds confusing…just watch the videos.


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