Peace & Calm

Sunday Inspiration: Peace & Calm Photos

Hello People!

Just as presumed, I listed yesterday’s weekly food/exercise log and said that due to a visit from Mother Nature, my weight was a little off.  Today I re-weighed myself just to see if what I had hoped was true (although I knew that this would not be a great week in the history of me losing weight).  In fact, I was right (as most women are, don’t you know? Just always say “yes” to this and no one gets hurt).  I had not gained 2 1/2 pounds, but had lost 1/2 a pound last week.  The numbers just didn’t add up, even though one of my meals was a caloric mystery. No matter, it just goes to prove that hormones can be a real bitch sometimes.  The grand total weight loss = 4 pounds! YES!

Today I want to give you peace, joy, and freedom… JK. No really, I want to give you images that may inspire you to calm the F@#$ down. JK. If you are freaking out about your weight or whatever, take a moment to think about it looking at these images.  No it won’t solve your problems, but you need to reflect everyday and regroup.  You may need to re-organize and approach your goals in a different way if it’s not working for you.  Just sayin’.














_MG_0752These were all taken in my backyard…JK.


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