Exercise Monday: Aerobicize!

Hey there all,

Today I want to just pass along a cardio workout I did last week when it was an off-day of strength training.  This means that I needed to have a workout, but since I do all body parts on my strength training days, this was a day only meant for cardio.  I also was feeling a bit low energy, so I pulled out good ol’ Denise Austin from the DVD shelf.  Here are the two cardio workouts I did back to back. Enjoy!

P.S. These are good for beginner/intermediate exercisers.  It isn’t vigorous, but will require a little coordination. I also used 1 1/2 pound dumbbells (extremely light) during the interval training portion.

And just for kicks, here is the Ab workout I did after the two Aerobic Workouts (I like how she says “Welcome to the BEST Ab workout EVER!” Weelll, I don’t know about that…..


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