Health Nut: Pro-Biotics

Foodie Friday: Homemade Pro-Biotics

Hello People,

So, last year, summer, I was super preoccupied with holistic concepts.  I became smitten with anything regarding living extremely health-nutty.  You know, those granola-half naked people on YouTube who do water fasts and only eat fruit for 2 months? Yeah, I was watching their videos with abandon, absorbing all of their advice and enthusiasm for living an extreme lifestyle. I learned many a good thing from them.  While I can’t say I will be going raw vegan anytime soon (or never), I think that most of what they practice is great.  Think about it, we all could benefit from adding more vegetables and fruits into our diet.  Letting our bodies rest from digesting high amounts of  saturated-fat laden animal protein once in a while seems like a wise idea.

One of the major take-aways I learned was from a former raw vegan master named Natasha.  She then lived in cold Canada, now she lives in the tropics of Thailand.  I watched every video on her YouTube channel and loved every one of them.  She made me feel the most inspired to eat and live better. One of her videos talked about pro-biotics and how great they are.  As a raw vegan (one who eats only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds), she did not eat dairy; which is where most of the population gets their pro-biotics, in the form of yogurt. She was not a fan of the oft used Kombucha by vegans, which is a fermented tea product made of fungus, because it is usually full of white processed sugar.  So, she resorted to other ways to get her pro-biotics.  Creating something she called “Fermented Coconut Water” became something that I rely on as I am dairy intolerant. She also has a video on live kefir globs, but I can’t go there.

The best and most optimal way of doing this is by breaking open a raw coconut and draining the liquid into a jar or container.  This is the most natural way of getting the sweet juice.  ALL store bought coconut water has been “flash pasteurized” to kill any critters (spoilage-type bacteria) running around before it is mass marketed. This means that the coconut water has been tampered a bit with heat and does not contain all of the pure nutrients in it as the liquid straight from the nut has. In a sense, some of the good stuff has been cooked out.  Do what you need to do. I use both raw nuts and store bought water depending on what is available. If you use a raw coconut, you will also be stuck with the meat or fat of the fruit.  You can use it for lots of things (after you painstakingly pick out the bits of shell lodged in it), but I like a little of it in smoothies. Don’t use a lot or you will make yourself sick! I use the white, cone shaped coconuts.

Also, you must use pro-biotic pills/tablets that are REFRIGERATED! Do not use the stuff on the dry shelf.  It is dead and completely useless. The way this works is sort of like fermenting alcohol, or exactly like it.  You combine a sugar in liquid form to a yeast and it becomes fermented.  The remaining juice is a transient pro-biotic, meaning that you have to take it every day in order for it to be effective.  The live bacteria that you swallow help with digestion in your gut and help you absorb more of the food you are eating. Don’t be surprised if at first you hear a little rumbling in your bowels the first few times.  I swallow a 1/4 cup each morning.  It tastes terrible (tart), but the benefits are worth it.

prep ingredients

prep ingredients


1 1/2 cups Coconut Water

1 Capsule of Store Bought Pro-Biotic

1 Glass Jar

Pour C.Water into jar. Open capsule and dump powder into C. Water. Seal lid tightly. Place in warm area for 3 days (do not refrigerate or the bacteria will not multiply). Place in refrigerator after 3 days and drink 1/4 cup before breakfast every day.

Also can be put into green juice and smoothies.

drink till your gut's content!

drink till your gut’s content!


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