Jumping Back In

Hello People!

I had a little hiatus here, but I’m back.  Unfortunately, during the brief disappearance, my diet sort of fell off the wagon.  The good news is that my exercise was still vigorous, and most of my meals were balanced (well, what I call balanced).  I was still researching and learning new ways of dieting and exercising during this week and a half period, and found many new inspirational motivators.  I’ll have to share these with you at some point.

I have been trying to figure out why I fell off the wagon and I can’t come up with anything really good except that I was not looking forward to losing the next 5 pounds knowing how focused I was to lose the last. I may have sabotaged my efforts due to the stress of the task at hand.  No matter, my motto here on this blog is: Onward and Upward! I reminded myself today that one always has the opportunity to begin again or to continue on the journey they started.  It’s Life to get side-tracked and distracted.  Stress will come in variations of levels.  Physical ailments will even try to derail your best efforts. One of my falling off reasons was because of my severe fatigue and mood swings due to a medication I was taking.  My appetite grew voracious and it was hard to be satisfied with my normal meals.  I also was not at home last weekend to cook my meals and I fell (despite my BEST efforts, even costing me to get into an argument with someone over it) into the trap of going out to eat at restaurants.

So here I am, my Saturday log will look pathetic and I am terrified to weigh myself. But these things need to continue no matter how I FEEL about them.  I am in this for the long haul and it just may end up being a Long-Haul.  Therefore, as the song says: “Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off.  And start all over again.”


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