Kettle Bells: Beginner

Exercise Monday: Kettle Bells: Beginner

Hello People!

Today I thought I would break out my new Kettle Bell I bought a few months ago and see if it really is worth all the hype.  I often give in to hype and usually it ends in disastrous results (just ask me about my niacin and 5-HTP experiments!).  I am a sensitive sort, you see.  What works for the masses doesn’t necessarily translate to me.  However, I am always curious and want to expand my horizons no matter how off the beaten track a new idea may be.  One thing that I am slightly concerned about, however, is my right hand wrist.  Since acquiring my Master’s Degree, I have carpel tunnel in it from holding the mouse for hours on end (I got my degree 100% online), and it makes things very difficult for me when I must use the wrist for most of the work (think: Push-Ups, Planks, T-Stands, etc.) I usually just put that hand into a fist to support the excess pressure, but with the Kettle Bell, that will not work.  We’ll see.


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Here is the work-out I want to experiment with:


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