Think It Through Thursday: Accountability

Hello People!

I wanted to talk about being accountable to your weight loss goals (or any goals for that matter).  When one sets out to accomplish a big goal like losing a ton of weight, it becomes necessary to get a little help when the going gets tough.  One of the ways of avoiding the inevitable quick-sand of getting off track is to have an arsenal of folks around you, from the very beginning of the goal, cheering and coaching you to keep going or even to pull you out of mire when it may be needed.  Now I know some of you think you can do this all by yourself (I am one of them!).  You don’t need anyone’s help or even want anyone to know what you are up to.  That’s none of their business! But statistics say, time and again, that getting the assistance of others to help you achieve your weight loss goals will get them accomplished a lot better than if you went solo. Here’s a short video I made this week talking about this subject:


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