The Great Gluten-Free Debate: 1


Foodie Friday: Gluten-Free Thoughts

Hello People!

It is I, Heather, asking if any of you have ever wondered about the so-called benefits of being G-free?  I’m not speaking to those who have celiac disease and couldn’t eat wheat if their life depended on it (actually, their life depends on them not to eat it, but whatever).  Of course these types of individuals have a perfect right to not eat the bready stuff.  But what about those who choose to live this lifestyle because, gasp, they think it is healthier? And they have personal proof to prove it.


“How can that be?”, one may ask.  “100% Whole Wheat Bread is supposed to be full of fiber and great nutrition.  It is also in everything – nearly, and would completely mess up my life to stop eating it!!!  AAAHHHH, NOOOOO”  These are perhaps the thoughts of one who is contemplating this issue for the first time. And I’m not even talking about the white stuff.  I’m speaking of the supposed lower-glycemic versions; even sprouted wheat bread.


Well, in case you haven’t already guessed it, this person, that is – me, is contemplating this issue.  Why in the hell would I ever want to give up forever: bread/pasta/cookies/pizza/crackers/croutons/etc/etc/etc…?  Because of my blood sugar problems/skin problems/sleep problems/energy problems.  Fixing these things has become more important to me than having pancakes on Saturday mornings.  I think it is the root of all of those problems listed (still researching, so no ultimate conclusions yet); though I may not be a celiac disease candidate, the gluten in wheat/barley/rye may just be making my life difficult and I am fed up with it; especially in the losing weight department.

It is interesting to note that there are virtually no absolute concrete scientific studies on this subject. Gluten free has been promoted by the Paleo Diet crowd mostly, but is catching on in other groups due to the effects that people are feeling when they go off of it.  This is called “broscience.” Taking the word of those who live it and believe in it’s effects, versus trusting science despite the fact that it may prove the opposite.

To be continued…


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