Reward System

Think It Through Thursday: Reward Yourself!

Hello People,

Yeah, I believe in giving yourself a small reward each time you accomplish a weight-loss goal.  This type of strategy makes me very happy, as in, it gives me something to look forward to.  My personal reward system is for every 5 pound loss.  If I don’t lose the 5 pounds, NO REWARD -BOO!  It’s not that I’m losing the weight for the rewards, it’s to give me some momentum to not give up.  Giving up is a daily struggle.  Having a little push to get me through makes all the difference.

Here are some ideas that you can reward yourself with:

  • Massage
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Hairstyle Makeover/Cut, Color, Highlights, etc.
  • New Workout Clothes
  • New Workout Shoes
  • New Workout Equipment
  • New Workout DVD (P90-X for my 10 pound loss!)
  • Yoga Classes (at that Chi-Chi place)
  • New Healthy Cookbook
  • Makeup
  • Music on iTunes
  • Magazine Subscription
  • New Kitchen Gadgets
  • Jewelry
  • Spa Appointment
  • Scented Body Lotions and Body Washes
  • Deluxe Car Wash/Detail
  • Books on Amazon
  • DVDs on Amazon
  • Shopping Spree at a Thrift Shop
  • Going to the Beach
  • Day Trip
  • Subscribe to a Fitness Site
  • Go to the Movies
  • Get a New Flavored Tea/Coffee
  • Estate/Garage Sale-ing (buying things)
  • Go See a Play/Musical/Opera
  • Day at a Theme Park/Botanic Garden/Historical Site (bring your own food!)
  • Splurge Shop at Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s/Health Food Store
  • Buy Supplements
  • Buy a New Plant for the Yard
  • Get Your House Cleaned by a Service
  • Get Your Carpets Cleaned by a Service

Can you think of any others?


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