Temporary Suspension…

The Saturday Weigh-In: Suspended

Hello People!

Well, I’ve got a big problem.  I’ve been logging and reporting my diet and exercise program for almost 2 months now, and I think that I need to quit for the time being.  This is a pre-mature ending to my agreement with you, reader.  You see I think my weight problems are bigger than diet and exercise.  I think I may have a medical reason for what is happening to me.

The weight simply isn’t coming off the way it did even 5 years ago. It doesn’t matter how many hills I climb (and believe me, I have been climbing actual hills!), the weight either stays the same or barely creeps off like a snail.  There is something more sinister at work here and I believe it is my blood sugar going amuck on me.

I’m related to two people who developed Type 2 diabetes as adults.  I have always known that I am hypoglycemic.  I remember thinking in my twenties how much sugar played a role in my diet.  It was in every meal and snack.  This was exasperated by the fact that I also had a long love affair with fake sugars.  If you don’t know, fake sugar also raises insulin in the body just like when a person eats real sugar. After a while (years and years of yo-yo excess sugar-insulin release), the body doesn’t want to deal with all that insulin anymore and starts to shut down; one very important way is, the excess sugar roaming around in the bloodstream gets stored AS FAT regardless of whether you are eating low calories and exercising.  Yep, that’s the research.  It seems that my carb loving times have got to come to an end.

It’s not that I’m giving up carbs – HELL no.  I will never stand on that platform.  I just need to rethink the types of carbs I’m eating (starting with gluten, that I have given up and it has been a huge help in this problem).  I’m now thinking that brown rice is too rich for my blood.  That is usually the staple bread eaters turn to when they go gluten free.  I dug out of my diet binder a list of carbohydrate rich foods and started comparing the amount of carb grams with different types of foods. My plan is to cut down my carb consumption slowly, perhaps starting with 100 grams a day and work towards eating eventually 70 grams per day.  I’ll have to report back on how this strategy is working, but I just didn’t want to leave my Sat. posts blank without me explaining a little bit.  I really feel that my weight problems have more to do with my blood sugar issues than anything else.  It has become more than calories in and calories out.  It is now about WHAT makes up those calories.


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