Back to Before

Hello People!

Yep, I took a blogging break.  You may not have noticed and that would great.  If so, I’m sorry, but I had to get my wits about me.  It has been a year and a half and my weight is bobbing around at the same number like a buoy a sea.  I was getting fed up and majorly discouraged.

There are also a variety of personal discouragements going on at the same time, but I’ve decided to conquer each one in its own time and not worry about them all at once.  The one that I have some control over is my weight (and the “some” part is getting better all the time).  Someone just said to me the other day, “It’s horrible to think that the one thing I have any grasp over is my weight -and that has been nothing short of an uphill battle.  How am I going to conquer the other issues I’m going through?  I thought the losing weight issue was the hardest one, and it turns out, it’s the only one I can control right now.” I told her I got what she was saying.

All of this not-losing-weight is driving me to drink.  Just Kidding.

All of this not-losing-weight is driving me to drink. Just Kidding.

This is going to sound dumb, but one thing I have been trying to implement is just telling myself that it will be EASY to lose weight.  This is a bunch of horse dung, I’m aware, but if I keep telling myself the perhaps-lie, I may start to actually believe it.  It’s like when people tell you to “smile!!!:)” and you just want to punch them in the face.  Well….there is a bit of truth to that. When you smile, your body starts to actually believe that you are happy and in turn, others may/will smile back.  That isn’t too bad to deal with now.

Mostly, though, I’m at the point of saying to myself: “Just get through today.” I’m not going to worry if I fall off the wagon tomorrow – I won’t, but it is easier to focus on today only. Losing weight sucks.  Not gonna lie.  But this weight will come off of me this summer if it’s the last thing I do…EVER!  I’m being dramatic because I’m calorie starved (told ya I wasn’t gonna lie).  Please forgive any rash outbursts of mine.

Anyways, the only point to this random-it-has-no-point ramble is to tell you, I will be posting regularly again.  I’m thinking of doing something in place of my What Do I EAT Saturday posts.  I may post a recipe that I thought was awesome sauce that week, that I made.  How would you like that? Would you like a video to accompany it to see the process?  I like making videos too.

Ok, that’s it.  See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Back to Before

  1. I’d love to find out what food ideas are working for you with your weight loss. Kudos for not giving up, and keeping going. Getting started is hard, keeping going after the initial thrill has worn off is even harder.

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