The Great Gluten-Free Debate: II

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Foodie Friday: More Gluten-Free Thoughts

So, gluten! It is such a touchy subject.  I must admit that when a friend of mine got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and her Naturopath Doctor told her to get off of the yeasty stuff, I gagged in relief that this wasn’t my diagnosis.  I even said to her (and this was only a few months ago) “I will NEVER give up my bread even if I’m told I would die if I ate it!”  I like talking dramatically.  It makes life interesting.

Well, for reasons pondered in THIS POST, I decided that maybe gluten was causing me major issues, and possibly leading me down the road to death eventually.  I don’t think it would have killed me, but all food issues will slowly and surely over a long period of time break down the body’s ability to fight disease, stay healthy and work optimally. If you don’t believe me have a view of the movie Supersize Me.  It convinced me that a diet of foods that don’t help the body function properly will lead to sickness sooner than later.

Fast-forward to now, maybe 3 months into being gluten-free, and I feel better.  Well, I feel the same, but my eczema is gone, and my psoriasis cleared up by 90%.  I feel better in the sense that I don’t scratch my scalp in public and then create a haze of white skin fluff around me afterwards.  That was gross. Also, eczema hurts because the cracks in the skin feel like cuts.  I’m happy to be rid of that as well.  But the real reward is digestion!  I can eat a whole cup of beans and not have one gas bubble.  Whereas before I would not have been able to sleep due to the pain of constant flatulence which could go on for hours.  This is my biggest conquest.

The video that got me interested in this subject was the one posted below by my newest favorite trainer/clean eating/health guru Brenda Leigh Turner.  She got me thinking about those villi she talks about (Reason #5).  If the villi are coated in glue, the body can’t absorb nutrients through the gut walls properly.  I had what is known as “Leaky Gut Syndrome.” That sounds great, doesn’t it? It means nutrients were not being absorbed properly and in some ways I was malnourished from my meals.  This is not the same as a person who has Celiac Disease which is a horrible reaction to gluten and can lead to death.  I didn’t feel awful eating gluten, but I could see and feel the results of it on my skin.  What started as an experiment lead to a lifetime choice.  I’m happy I did it and am doing quite well.  Sometimes I indulge in gluten, but more often than not I don’t have it.


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