The Ratio Game

Today’s Foodie Friday Post: The Macronutrient Ratio Game (Individual Results May Vary!)

Hello People!

Wanted to share with you one mistake I made in regards to diet this week.  It had to do with a meal I ate on the run.  I was in a hurry and only had time for a quick bite.  My homemade food was out and there was no time to whip anything up.  So I grabbed a box from my freezer of a frozen dinner that I wanted to try.  It is from a company that I like and it is organic.  I have had issues in the past with other frozen meals of this brand causing me to have severe carb cravings after eating them, so I knew that the possibility was there to happen again.


This particular meal is gluten free, but that doesn’t give any guarantee that the meal will be more filling.  Often times, gluten free products are worse than normal whole wheat products acting just like refined flour because they use refined white rice flour (in this case Masa, which is essentially corn turned into flour).  So, I tried to supplement the meal with other items to help “beef” up the sticking power.  This meal is also vegetarian, which doesn’t do anything for me other than let me know that I may need to add a bit more protein to it for it to be balanced.  So, I stuck a slice of cheese on the top because not only does cheese have protein, but it contains fat which also gives satiation or fullness.  While I was waiting for the thing to heat up in the oven, I ate a few bean chips with salsa.  These are a combination of carbs and fat and protein as well.  After eating the entire meal, I was full but wondered if this would last me the 5 hours I knew I needed it to.  It didn’t.  I was ravenous and that is all I’m going to say about that.

Why exactly did this meal fail me even after the attempts I made to make it more satisfying?  It had plenty of calories.  I felt full after eating it.  It is made with organic wholesome ingredients.  The rice on the side is brown.  What happened?  Here is what I can gather:

Lately I’ve been immersing myself into the strange, holistic and often times horrific world of the famous practitioner Paul Chek. In his well known book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, he asks in the diet section to take a questionnaire to Unknown-5determine one’s Metabolic Type.  There are 3 categories: Protein Type, Carb Type and Mixed Type.  I fall under the Mixed Type of person who needs, according to him, 40% Animal Protein, 50% Carbohydrate, and 10% Fat in each of my meals to feel satisfied and full.  This is the optimal balance for me, but one can play with the numbers if you want to fine tune it.  He states:

“Metabolic Typing is a system that identifies an individual’s genetically-based nutrition and diet requirements.  There is not Unknown-4one diet that is right for everyone, therefore to achieve optimal health, you must determine what is right for you.  You may notice that the diet for a protein type is similar to the popular Zone Diet, while the diet for a carb type is closer to the Ornish Diet.  The great thing about Metabolic Typing is that it will direct you towards the diet plan that is right for your body.”

So, knowing this information, let’s look at the meal I ate in comparison with what he recommends.

I added up all the elements of what I ate:

The Main Course

The Main Course

Cheese (1 slice)

Cheese (1 slice)

Bean Chips

Bean Chips

And they came to this summation:

Carbs=71 grams  Protein=17 grams  Fat=25 grams

Now I ain’t no mathematician, but this is obviously unbalanced especially in the carbs to protein ratio. (not to mention the fat is through the roof!) The ratio was more like: Carbs=80% Protein=19% & Fat=28% (YIKES!)  Protein and Carbs need to almost be equal, with Carbs a smidge bigger.  The protein was the issue here.  Not enough protein for my metabolic type created a crash a few hours later with my blood sugar.  The evening was then spent trying to satisfy my raging hunger (and I mean RAGING!) with all types of no-no foods.  So, one can see that a calorie is not just a calorie from this little experiment.  If you want to stay full a long time and not binge later due to setting yourself up for poor nutrition, know your Metabolic Type or what ratios between Protein/Carbs/Fat makes you feel the most satisfied in regards to meals.  If you can’t get his book, I would suggest doing a food log and making a note of how each meal made you feel physically 4 – 6 hours after eating it.  If your response is like mine, you know you are on the wrong track.

P.S. If you ain’t no mathematician like me, to determine your ratio’s, add up all grams and multiply each one to the total as a percent. My total grams were 113. So it looks like this:  .71 x 113 = 80.23% and so forth.


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