Stop Being Negative!

Think It Through Thursday: Stop Being So Negative!

Yep, I’m talking to you friend.  You know you are guilty of this.  It is one of the main reasons, I think, people become overweight and then struggle for years and years to take off the pounds.  It’s not like losing weight is difficult or anything.Unknown  I mean, realistically, losing weight can be as simple as eating less and moving more.  But why then, is it so DAMN hard to do it after all is said and done? I think it is because we don’t really believe we can do it; we deserve it; and/or we are afraid of what may happen if we do lose it.

Believe and You Can Achieve!

I’ve often said this before: what you Think – you Become.  If you constantly think you are fat, lazy, chubby, ugly, worthless, sick, a failure, etc. etc., then this is what you will be.  We set up tomorrow (the future) with what we do/think Unknown-1today.  It’s not like tomorrow suddenly we will realize that we can lose weight easily or we magically find the strength.  Tomorrow will follow what we built the day before and so forth.  Today needs to be the focus, and if you aren’t thinking positive thoughts about reaching your goals, tomorrow will be like the hamster on the wheel. Find the strength today!  Stop the bad thoughts.  For example, when I put on heels and stand in front of a mirror, I often say in my head (these are the worst thoughts of all, the ones no one but you hears) “You look like a pig on stilts.”  Would I say this to my sister or my mom or my friend?  Hells no!  They’d slap me across the face too.  Why am I saying it to myself then?  When I feel those thoughts coming on, I replace them with something positive and try to ignore the urge to hate myself.

I Deserve the Chance to Live My Best Life

Maybe life has sucked up until this point.  Maybe there are legitimate reasons for it.  But does this mean you have to live the rest of your life in the wake of those bad times?  You can, certainly, but what kind of life will that be?  Brace yourself for being miserable for the next 50 years or more, because if you don’t change gears, you will always be hoping and dreaming of a better tomorrow.  Why not set your dreams into motion today? Start with still, small thoughts.  Repeat a mantra to yourself like: “I Can, I Will!” Replace evil, self-sabatoging thoughts with thoughts that uplift and build your esteem.  Even if in the beginning they feel fake and fabricated.  The mind will catch on and you will start to actually believe it.  Just keep at it, and don’t stop; especially when things seem to fall apart.  You are no different from any otherimages-1 person on the planet.  There is no such thing as a person deserving more than another – that’s a LIE.  Excuse me for being vulgar, but as an ex-boyfriend once said, “We all wipe our own asses.”  Go get what you want….today!

Buck Up Little Camper!

Whenever life would throw me a loop, my Grandma used to say without fail, “Stick a ram-rod up your back!”  Meaning, don’t be weak spined and cower at the first sign of hardship.  Really, what’s the worst that can happen?  Death? So be it, that’s going to happen anyways whether it’s now or later.  I’m going to assume it’s later, so for now I’m going to go after what I want.  Worrying about what happens after I get it is pointless.  Deal with today only.  Let tomorrow worry about itself, then.  I often worry that even if I lose the weight, I will still not be happy.  Maybe not, but it will be one less thing to accomplish before I die!  I also worry that men will take advantage of Unknownme…this is stupid thinking so I’m going to change those thoughts to “Get in line boys!”  Using my fat suit as a protective armor has come to an end.

What thoughts run rampant in your mind?  Have you even thought about it?  Maybe they are so infiltrated into your psyche that you don’t even realize you say them.  Think about it today.  Write them down, if you need to, and see how many awful things you say about yourself on a daily basis.  Replaceimages them with different, positive thoughts that are realistic.  Don’t believe the telemarketer in your head trying to sell you lies.

Start today what you hope for tomorrow.


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