Let’s Lunch! – Shrimp Fried Rice

Hello People!

Here with another food post about something I ate along the way of the losing weight journey.  I wanted to show you how I “doctor up” foods I buy at grocery stores (this one was Trader Joe’s) that are mostly prepared.  Now I don’t recommend that eating prepared (read: pre-packaged, processed meals) foods is a good idea most of the time, but once in a while it can be a meal life-savor.  This is true especially when cooking may be out of the question or time just won’t stand for it.  Just try to find the highest quality of prepared meal possible.  Organic would be best, but don’t sweat it.  I won’t at least.

_MG_0832First, start with the meal of your choice.  I don’t know why, but this appealed to me when I was shopping around at Trader Joe’s one day.  Although not the most healthy of dishes, I somehow was swept up in a moment of impulse and bought it.  Rather than throw it out, due to it’s not-so-healthy contents, I decided to use it as a base and add items to it “beef” up the nutrition factor.

_MG_0830So rooting around in my vegetable bin and freezer, I found some items that needed to be eaten up that would be perfect additions to the packaged meal.  I wanted to add: Stir-Fry oil,  a whole package of shrimp, half and onion, bell peppers, summer squash and (not pictured) a hot pepper, an egg and chopped cilantro.

_MG_0834The back of the package indicated the total calorie content so I knew that adding items would also add to the calories per serving.  Don’t forget to consider that!

_MG_0835This is the conglomeration after all was put into a pan. Oh, except for the shrimps, egg and cilantro, that happened at the very end.

_MG_0836Here is the dish almost cooked through.  It was tasty, but I won’t buy this meal again because I think I can make a better version of Fried Rice from scratch.  I guess I’m just picky that way.


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