What’s Up?

Think It Through Thursday: What’s Up?

Hello People!

Again, I have taken a few weeks off.  This time I was deeply immersed in a home project to make vast improvements to my bedroom.  This was one of my New Year’s Resolutions and I really wanted to accomplish it.  I have been putting it off for 3 years, and knew that I couldn’t do that any longer.  Blood, sweat and tears later…it is almost finished.  I’ll show you some before and after pics perhaps next week or whenever I feel it is ready to be shown.  Maybe I’ll save it for a New Year’s Resolution re-cap.  Who knows?

I just wanted to drop in and say that I’ve been thinking about all the posts I want to do and have planned.  It is coming up on a year that I have been a blogger, and I want to up the ante with posting and improving the blog site. Lately, I’ve been toying more and more with not counting calories, but just eating normal food (healthy) and in small portions.  This is of course the French way, which I am so obsessed over.  I have been counting calories for 20+ years and where has it gotten me?  Nowhere fast.  Actually, it has gotten me to be a trained Binger, which is a post I plan on doing, perhaps tomorrow.  Food should not be analyzed so much.  Most of the world’s population do not count calories, nor do they have any knowledge of carbs or fat grams or cellulite or blah, blah, blah.  They just eat, and when they are full, they stop.  Why is this so hard to do in America?  Ugh.  Sometimes I think I am a freak of nature who is just meant to be fat.  But, I know that this is not true.  I will talk about this in a future post as well.

I hope this post finds you in the upswing of losing weight.  Don’t lose hope.  Even if it takes a lifetime (it won’t), keep trying and looking for answers.  Keep up your exercise and get enough sleep.  These things are crucial to a weight-loser.  It will keep your hormones in check and your feel-good chemicals running smoothly.  Also, continue to read my blog for more ideas to keep you in the game. Sail on!


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