Binge Recovery

Inspirational Sunday: Binge Recovery

Hey there people!

I knew my recent post on binge eating would identify with many readers.  It is unfortunate, but one that is common.  I have a feeling that many of us that do this are well-meaning people with kind hearts and intelligent minds.  We don’t usually do anything “wrong.”  Therefore, the guilt of doing this behavior can run very deep in us, due to our nature of always wanting to do the right thing in all areas of life.

At the end of the post I talked about not having all the answers and that I am still working on finding ways to end the cycle, for me, once and for all.  Yes, I think this is something that can be dealt with and healed.  Thinking positively about it is a start.  Telling yourself you will never get better will only reinforce the bad habit.  This is true for many things.

Well, I remembered watching a great video on YouTube about binge eating and looked around for it and found it.  It’s almost like a mini workshop.  There are exercises and homework questions in the video for you to try.  You may have heard and tried many of the things she is suggesting, but I am particularly impressed by her first point: What are you getting out of binging that is pleasurable?  I encourage you, if you are struggling with this issue, to watch and learn about ways to cure this self-sabatoging activity.  We can overcome this.


If you feel the above video is not helpful; one in which you have heard the advice of over and over again to no avail, then perhaps this next video will be of help.  This young woman did not fit into the conventional mold of a typical binge eater and sought alternative therapies to help stop the problem.  She did and has recovered!  Her 30 minute spiel is very honest and further enhanced by her insights into a book she recommends.  Hope this helps.


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