Soda Replacement


It’s been almost 2 months since my last post and I am back with more arsenal in my bag of tricks to help us all be motivated to lose weight!  I didn’t forget you, in fact, I thought of you almost every day; but I was sort of doing-my-own-thing in regards to eating.  Now that the holidays are over, well, almost (Sunday is my birthday, the 5th), I am can be more focused on losing weight rather than fighting the process while eating out with friends and family one too many times.

During that duration of free-wheel, but conscious, eating, I lost 2 pounds!  Ha ha! I was happy that “relaxing my intentions” (post to come on that topic) made it easier to lose.  My total pound loss for last year was 7 pounds.  Not a total fail, but not a total success when you realize I was hoping for 28 pounds to be lost.  It will be lost this year, not going to go through that again.  But, more on that tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

Today I have “the best” recipe for Iced Tea!  This is a common drink among dieters.  Some would argue that anything with caffeine is bad and should therefore be shunned.  I think it’s ok.  This is specifically a recipe for Iced Green Tea (which I normally don’t like) and that has been proven to have many beneficial elements in it.  It is lightly sweetened with honey, but you don’t have to sweeten it; or you could add some stevia to it if you like stevia. I brew a fresh pot every other day, depending on how many cups I drink.  My friends like it too when they visit.  I got it from the magazine Prevention in their June 2013 edition.

Note: if you like black tea (I do), then halve the bags (only 5) and double the honey as this can get very bitter if brewed too strongly.  Experiment with different mixtures of teas too.  I often have orphans of tea bags laying around that in combination with other teas taste great. Do I need to mention that soda/diet soda is bad?  Don’t think so.  This recipe can help ween you off the chemical laden nonsense.


serves 6 Unknown

  • combine 10 green or oolong tea bags, 2″ piece of peeled fresh ginger cut into thin slices, 3 large mint sprigs, and 1 sliced small lemon in a heatproof 2 qt pitcher.
  • bring 4 cups water to a boil in saucepan or tea kettle and pour into pitcher.
  • stir once and let tea bags steep 6 minutes.
  • remove and discard tea bags and mint sprigs.
  • add a touch of honey to tea, if desired (I use a Tablespoon of Manuka)
  • let cool 20 minutes.
  • add enough ice and cold water to make 6 cups (or eyeball like I do!)
  • serve over ice in glasses with fresh mint sprigs and lemon slices

Enjoy and share with your friends!


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