Workout (Past)

Exercise Monday: My Current Workout Routine

Hello People!

I wanted to update you all on what I’m doing in regards to workouts/exercise.  Nothing too crazy, as I try to stick to my old tried and true routines that I know burn calories and give me results when done in a consistent pattern.  This goes along with my New Year’s Resolution to lose my weight this year and not look back! I mentioned that I had a plan (I keep saying that, and I’m here to elaborate) and I want to share with you what the workout portion of my losing weight scheme looks like.

I wrote on a 3 x 5 index card Monday – Sunday.  On each day there is a workout that consists of cardio (the immediate calorie torching part of my workouts) and a strength training split.  I like to do upper body and lower body splits.  That’s just me.  This means that I will work out my lower body muscles intensely for two days with rest days in between alternating with two days of intense upper body workouts.  I want to change the shape of my muscles, so I am working as heavy and hard as I can during my sessions.  There are specific things that I want to develop and things I don’t.  Therefore, I tailor my workouts to create the shape I want.  The card looks like this:

Monday: Running Program & Legs

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Ballet/Dance & Upper Body with Abs

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Running Program & Legs

Saturday: Long Walk/Aerobics & Upper Body with Abs

Sunday: Kickboxing

You can see, there is variety.  Nothing new here, I’ve written posts on most of these types of activities as individual topics. Just check out my Exercise Category if you want to read more about the specifics. As far as the strength training routines go, I’m using a combo of YouTube videos, the workout App on my iPad, my own collection of DVD’s, and creating my own routines. Also, this in addition to walking my dog for an hour most days and being active during days that I am not working.  These two things have also been discussed in earlier posts.

The cardio is for about 40 minutes to and hour, and the strength training is for 30 minutes, average.

I’m after a shape that is toned, but not bulging in short, stocky muscles.  I am already short, and I don’t like that look on me.  For example, doing a lot of plain squats creates large quadriceps which is not a look I like on me.  So, If the routine asks for squats, I turn out my feet so that I do them more like Plies in Ballet.  I prefer the look of a dancer’s body over a fitness model.  But, to each his own.

I try to burn approximately 400 – 600 calories per workout so that I stay within my plan to lower my calorie intake burning more than I eat in a day. I write down every day my daily caloric intake and also my caloric burn through exercise. These two daily goals help me determine if I am on track to lose weight or not.  Again, the only way this will work is with consistency.  A few days off, and it’s back to the starting line again.  That is not part of the plan this time.


Flavor Boosters

Foodie Friday: Boost the Flavor in Your Food

Sorry for my brief absence.  One of my younger sisters just got diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and my family and I have been dealing with that.  She is only 38 and it is such a blow to all of us.  This is in addition to my other younger sister who was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer when she was 29.  I have often felt that there is a bit of an estrogen dominance on the maternal side of the family.  We, women of the family, suffer from terrible hormonal imbalances in different forms.  All I can advise to you reader, is, get yourself checked for illness/cancer/hereditary diseases/etc., on a regular basis.

Ice Cube Yumminess

Today I wanted to share a quick tidbit with you all than can help disperse of some almost used up lemons, limes and the like that are bumming around in your refrigerator.  I often make what I call “flavor boosters” in ice trays.  They can be used in a myriad of ways, like sauces, smoothies, pasta dishes and so forth.  Here’s what you need:

  •  Ice cube trays (I have two non-stick ones)
  • Leftover juice, pesto sauce, tomato paste, coffee, etc.
  • Patience and time

So, you just fill the tray with whatever you have lying about and freeze these up.  Pop them out when they are set and put them in baggies to store in the freezer indefinitely.

I like to use the coffee cubes in protein shakes.  The lemon juice I can use in sauces for chicken or fish.  Pesto is good on anything. Just go CRAZY! No, not really.  The beauty is, I don’t have to open a whole jar or bottle or brew up a whole pot of these flavor boosters when I only need a small amount.  If you have ever needed just a tablespoon of tomato paste, but to get it you had to open an entire can, then let the rest spoil, you are able to understand how convenient this can be.  It may be more trouble for some, but I only see it as a win-win.

Note: I also freeze leftover wine, but it doesn’t completely freeze (alcohol doesn’t freeze, basic science – blah, blah), and so it just turns to slush making it not-so-neat in the ice-cube trays.  Therefore, with wine that’s left in the bottle that doesn’t quite make a full glass, dump it into a sealable plastic baggie or glass container like an empty jar, then toss into freezer.  When needed, scoop out the appropriate amount with a spoon/fork for your recipe.

I hope this proves useful to you!  Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂