My Eat to Lose Plan 2015

Foodie Friday: My Eat to Lose Plan 2015

Hello People!

This is the one you have been waiting for!  Or at least it’s the one I’m most interested in when I’m looking closely at what one eats to lose weight. In the video I made for you I mentioned that I don’t measure things out; now I do. Some stuff has changed since then so here is the gist:


I did a lot of searching on the internet at what different people eat to look a certain way.  Mostly I viewed the strategies of James Bond girls, and was led to many of the conclusions that I present here. Also, I got a lot of good nutritional information in the book Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy by J.J. Virgin.Unknown-1  For the record, I am not on a crash diet or any type of boxed food ordered meal program that I pay to eat (other than my vegetables that I will explain later).  This is a diet designed by me, for me, and works with my metabolism which thrives on the macronutrient ratios of: 50% Complex Carbohydrates, 40% Protein & 10% Fat.  This information I gathered doing lots of experiments through eating meals and by reading the book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek.Unknown-5

I eat 3 meals a day and sometimes an afternoon snack, but not always.  It depends on my hunger level and when I eat my meals in regards to spacing; also how much I ate at the last meal. Meals are generally spaced about 4 hours apart. I try to eat meals that will fill me up with lots of fiber so I am not constantly thinking about food which tends to happen to me when calories are restricted and I’m eating too many carbs, of any kind. I drink coffee with whole milk and 2 tsp of Manuka honey and one more cup with 1 tsp coconut oil and whole milk every day.  I am not omitting dairy, caffeine, fruit, carbs, saturated fat or chocolate from my diet.  This works for me, but may not work for everyone especially if you have an intolerance (like to dairy) or cannot eat one square of chocolate and be satisfied. The diet is varied and I cook all my meals myself.  I eat as close to “clean” as possible.  There are some exceptions due to the fact that I am not trying to be a body builder or become weird about food.  I love to cook and that will never change.  I love flavor andUnknown am not afraid to use marinades, sauces, dressings or seasonings/salts to make my food taste good. If you don’t know how to cook or what to cook I suggest the cookbook Cook This, Not That! by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding. Let’s talk details:



I eat a lot of protein because it tastes good to me and fills me up. I love animals and wish that I could be a vegetarian, but I feel like crap when I omit animal meat from my diet.  Sorry. Therefore, I buy the least offensive meat possible when I can in the form of organic and/or free range.  Most of the meat I eat is in the form of: Chicken (all parts, not just breast, but no skin due to calories), Skirt Steak, Lean Ground Beef, Eye of Round Steaks, Lean Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloin, Canadian Bacon, Whole Eggs, Salmon, Mahi Mahi, Talapia, Sole, Scallops, Shrimp, Ground Turkey, Turkey Breast on the Bone and Turkey Cutlets. I eat about 150 to 200 calories worth at every main meal which is roughly (depends on the protein source) 3 oz weighed after cooking.




I’ve gotta have these or I won’t be able to stand up.  These have probably been the most limited in variety in my diet as compared to everything else I eat. The carbs I mix and match are: Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Basmati Rice, Squash, Carrots, Sprouted Grain Bread, Beans/Legumes, Fruits and Oatmeal.  These I try to keep low glycemic due to my body processing them like fire and leaving me starving in an hour if they are too high on the glycemic index.  Beans in the form of black, pinto, white, pinquito, lentils and black-eyed peas leave me feeling the most satisfied.  I put them in a crock pot with water or broth, a can of chopped tomatoes and a can of enchilada sauce and let them party in there for 6 to 8 hours on low heat.  I use a rice cooker to make rice and steam vegetables and fish.  I bake my sweet potatoes with no oil but eat them with butter. Squash, Carrots and whatever other veggie is laying around gets roasted in a hot oven with a splash of olive oil. I eat about 1/2 cup or 1 serving of Carbs at my meals. My carbs usually total about 80 to 100 grams a day.



I am not afraid of fat and nor should you be.  Fat makes you feel full and gives your brain something to fuel itself with.  We can live without carbs and protein for a while, but not fat.  I cook with fat and eat fat on my salads and in the form of sauces.  I love Butter and Coconut Oil in organic form.  I sauté a lot of vegetables with garlic in Olive Oil and dress my salads in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Flavored Oils.  I eat Avocados and Nuts a lot too.  Cheese (1 oz daily) is also a fat source for me as well as Whole Milk in my coffee and black tea.  These are of course all measured out using spoons or scales because a little goes a long way.



I don’t love vegetables, but force myself to cook them or eat them raw or find recipes to make them taste good.  Sometimes I make soups with them or chop them up raw and eat them mixed with romaine lettuce.  I recently went back to my twice monthly order of a box of mixed organic vegetables delivered to my front door.  This helps me eat them and use them in recipes.  Otherwise, I may not buy them or eat them in the quantities that I should.  I aim to have 5 to 7 servings of fruits (no more than two of these) and veggies a day. Lately I have been planning my meals around the fresh Vegetables I have and not the protein.  My favorite salad dressing recipe is: Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, fresh Meyer Lemon Juice, Crushed Garlic, Salt and Pepper.


Bean Chips

Bean Chips

I messed around with the number for this for a few weeks because I need to lose weight, but I need to not feel constantly hungry too.  Hunger can be tamed by the types of food you eat and the ratios, but know that when you are on a diet to lose weight, there will be a bit of hunger; you are eating less food and creating a caloric deficit – so one must get used to it!  Maintenance will add a few more calories back in, but not MANY more. I initially started with 1,400 but was not losing weight.  Then I dropped it to 1,000 to 1,200 but felt I needed a snack at the mid-day point sometimes.  So, I have settled on 1,300 for now. This seems to be a good set point for me and works with my BMR.  This number may be fiddled with again later on, but for now it is working like a charm.  I do add in 3 cheat meals a month.  These are chosen carefully in advance and I enjoy them without guilt.  It is 3 cheat MEALS though and not DAYS. Also, on Sundays I am allowing myself to eat 1,500 calories and take it easy on exercise. Variety will keep my body guessing.  I also have alcohol occasionally, but it is rare.

Is that what you wanted to know?  Hope so…I am tired of writing now and need a snack 🙂



Diet Plan

Today’s Foodie Friday Post:

I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you a diet that I am currently trying.  What’s that you say? “Don’t you know that DIETS FAIL!!!?” Actually, no I don’t know that, or rather I should say  I don’t agree with that idea. You see, I am of the belief that diets DO work, it’s people who don’t follow them correctly or consistently that make them “fail”.  Also, there is the consideration of choosing a diet that meets your metabolic needs correctly.  If a person is on a diet that eliminates major food groups (all carbs no matter what kind, for example),  I believe that this would be very difficult to maintain for the long-haul. And let’s face it, I’m in it for the long-haul and if a diet plan assumes that I will adopt an impractical way of eating for the rest of my life, I ain’t gonna do it at all.

Oh, and one other bit of info: the word DIET means what an organism eats.  It is a misnomer to call all diets DIETS.  What really should be said is “I am going on a lower calorie diet and changing the foods that I have been eating to other types of foods.” Then the criticism can begin such as “Why are you only eating cabbage soup for weeks on end again?” and “You really think eating all that bacon and steak is going to give you the body of your dreams?” Choosing the right lower calorie diet for those who wish to lose weight makes all the difference in whether it will work or not. That’s my speech and I’m stickin’ to it!

So, back to me. I read over the Thanksgiving weekend a book that I had seen laying around before in my parent’s house called the No Flour, No Sugar Diet by Dr. Peter H. Gott, M.D..  He was a columnist in nationally syndicated newspapers for quite some years. The column was called “Ask Dr. Gott.” I usually just walked right past it and thought “Hell NO!” about it.  But then it hit me: I have a real problem metabolizing sugar and flour is metabolized in the body like sugar. It makes sense, whole grains beaten to death and bleached and pulverized don’t take long to get digested in the body, even if it is 100% whole grain, as opposed to whole grain not turned into flour. Plus, most health experts and nutritionally minded folks would all agree across the board that sugar has become a huge evil in the American diet. It quite literally is in everything.

Dr. Gott's BookAnywhom, I liked it more and more as I read it and I devoured it in one sitting. It’s pretty simple, no sugar at all (not even honey or agave syrup) and nothing made with any type of flour.  I can have corn tortillas, rice, potatoes, tabouleh salad, oatmeal, sprouted grain bread/wraps etc, etc. You would think (as one of my friends dramatically acted out in front of me when I told her of this diet) that I would be dying the entire time to eat all the things I CAN’T have. But it’s funny, my gut tells me that constantly eating flour and sugar are what really create crazy cravings and not eating them eliminates the need to binge on them. Many diets allow some sugar and lots of flour on their plan. But when I eat a little, I end up craving a lot more later. Then the diet “fails” because I end up giving into the craving and going way over the calorie allowance.

I do know that I need to eat balanced meals and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.  He explains this in the book, but I can see how one might interpret this title and concept as “I can eat french fries all day long!!!” So far, so good.  I am not hungry all through the day as I was before, and most of my meals are only 3/4 eaten because I simply get full before I am done.  I’ll keep going and fill you in later as to how it pans out.

What kind DIET are you on?