When in Doubt…Go Back to Basics

Think It Through Thursday: When in Doubt…Go Back to Basics

Hello People!

I was going to film this update for you but decided to spread out the info over the next few days in separate posts.  I want to make the posts really personal from now on and make this blog more about me and my journey and what exactly is going on in my personal transformation.  In the past it tended to take on a more general approach to weight loss and staying in shape; although after saying that, all of which I have formerly posted I did and am doing.  Right now though, I want to be extremely selfish because I am fed up with the way things have turned out in regards to my getting and staying in shape…read: NOT.


First things first, it is NEVER a good time to start.  There is always a reason why it is too hard to do these things.  The fact is if you don’t do it now, then when?  I had to just make up my mind to stop staring at the clothes waiting patiently in my closet (for years now!) to wear because they are 3 sizes too small thinking, “I’ll wear those when I’ve lost weight.”  I am also wearing out my shape wear (a.k.a. gut suckers) and don’t want to buy more to flatten out my belly and thighs.  I just want it done and the only way to get it done is to start and then keep going until it is finished.  No dilly-dallying anymore.  No taking time and the easy route.  That has kept me in maintenance mode and in falling-off-the-wagon-one-too-many-times mode.  I have hitched my trailer to a fast car and am speeding down a highway called Lose Weight Now!  This is the only way for me to do it.  I am focused and have a plan with a mission.  Some may be shocked at my plan and may think I am a hypocrite because I have gone back against my word that I have written posts about, but it is all temporary to get the weight off.  Maintenance will be a different plan.


So that brings me to my next point: Make a Plan.  My plan is mine and works for me but may not work for you. I’ll share it with you, but don’t think that I believe this is a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Losing weight is personal and you must experiment (as I have been doing for years!) with what works best for you.  The long and slow routine wasn’t working for me, so I created a more direct approach with fewer pit stops.  The specifics of which I will share in later posts this week.  Just know that I have it in writing and I live these “directions” every day until it is done.  It’s sort of like following an instruction manual; do this, then that, then another until you reach the end.  It has specific guidelines to follow.  I write it all down and look at it and go back and look at other days I have recorded before just to reflect.  I’m using a small spiral bound notebook to track all of my food and exercise info.

My plan is to work in 6 week segments.  I will weigh myself once every 6 weeks (YES!) and measure myself as well.  I have a chart to write down this info on.  I have a goal date of June 10 which gives me about two 6-week groups.  If the weight isn’t all off by then, I will continue until it is. This is a hard-core plan, so a lot should be off by then.



One funny thing I want to share with you all is that I have been weighing myself all these years on a broken scale!  My scale is probably from the 1970’s and apparently weighs me about 5 pounds less than I really am.  Now that’s a problem!  I only just realized this and was horrified to know that my starting weight was much higher than I had thought. Here are some stats:

Age: 43

Height: 5’2.5″

Starting Weight: 152 lbs.

Hip Measurement: 42 inches

Weight to Lose: 34 lbs.

Goal Weight: 118 (I’m short!)

Reaching Goals

Now I know that weight/weighing oneself is not that great of a measuring tool.  If I find that at 123 I look and feel great and have muscle tone to die for, then that is where my weight will stay. 118 is a goal that I am working towards and that number can be adjusted later if I want it to be different. I formed this very specific plan after I filmed my last video for you but am incorporating things I was doing then into what I am doing now. More to come on this topic later…



Backyard Coffee Talk #1

Hello People!

Yep, it’s me.  After a super long time of disappearance, I have resurfaced from the ashes.

Rather than go into a long explanation here, I’ll let you view my video and hopefully that will answer any questions. Since I made the video (about 2 weeks ago) I have been staying on track and doing well.  Hopefully, you are too.  If you are new to my blog, welcome and please join me on my weight loss journey to lose weight once and for all.  My intention is to inspire healthy habits for everyone.


Think It Through Thursday: Accountability

Hello People!

I wanted to talk about being accountable to your weight loss goals (or any goals for that matter).  When one sets out to accomplish a big goal like losing a ton of weight, it becomes necessary to get a little help when the going gets tough.  One of the ways of avoiding the inevitable quick-sand of getting off track is to have an arsenal of folks around you, from the very beginning of the goal, cheering and coaching you to keep going or even to pull you out of mire when it may be needed.  Now I know some of you think you can do this all by yourself (I am one of them!).  You don’t need anyone’s help or even want anyone to know what you are up to.  That’s none of their business! But statistics say, time and again, that getting the assistance of others to help you achieve your weight loss goals will get them accomplished a lot better than if you went solo. Here’s a short video I made this week talking about this subject:

Away From Motivation

Inspirational Sunday: Away From Motivation

Me aboard The U.S.S Iowa

Me aboard The U.S.S Iowa

Okay, so I’m showing you are really awkward and unappealing pix of me (in my opinion, of course).  But the purpose is to talk about this concept called “Away From Motivation.” I first heard of it from Renee Stevens on the podcast Inside Out Weight Unknown-1Loss. The basic premise is, your prime motivation to lose weight is to get away from where you are.

It goes something like this: When you first begin the process to actually lose weight, there is a major stress factor on how you look now and how that effects you emotionally.  Thus, when you realize how “ugly and fat” you’ve become, you want to lose weight with a lot of determination.  This motivational ball roller lasts only so long, however.  When you do start to lose weight and your emotions start to calm down; and others tell you how great you look, the momentum of that particular motivation starts to break.  You no longer look and/or feel “ugly and fat” and may even be looking quite hot!  Then and there one must use other motivational factors to keep them going until they reach their ultimate goal.  The idea being – negative motivation  can only last so long. Only being positive will have lasting effects.  Sort of like, you can only be mad at someone for so long.  After a while, you let it go or move on because constantly holding onto a hateful feeling is horribly draining.

For the record, let’s just say I’m still in the Away From Motivation part of the process.  I’ll keep you updated though when this changes. How about you? What motivates you?


Blonde Ambition

Today’s Inspirational Sunday Post:

Well, I’ve been a naughty blogger and have not posted in a few weeks.  If you are reading this out of sequence, at the time that I am writing this we are knee deep into the Christmas Holiday Season. I’m just going to quickly mention that the whole of the month has been fine, but one week has not and may have derailed my best intentions.  Live and learn as they say!  And onward and upward regardless.

Today I want to introduce you to a gal I see singing at a fab-O club that my trio sometimes gets the opportunity to sing at.  It’s

It's Her!

It’s Her!

called The Cicada Club and it is in downtown Los Angeles right in the heart of the jewelry district.  The area is a bit bummy, if you catch my drift, but the club is a tiny piece of heaven in the ugly that surrounds it.  One of the singers that frequents the club and sings when we are there is named Christine Nelson and in the past has hosted her own shows there:

Wow! Is she smokin’ hot or what??? I have the biggest girl crush on her and can’t get enough.  She not only is a great entertainer, but she is so glamorous on

in the middle

in the middle

stage (and off) and wears formals like no other dame.  I long to be a fraction of her beauty.  She was just at the club last Friday for The Johnny Holiday Program and was even more beautiful than the video portrays her.  Some say she is too thin; perhaps, but I am looking at the whole package. Graceful, charming, beautiful, elegant and gorgeous are all up my ally. Just thought I’d share!

her favorite drink: Champagne w/ Chambord

her favorite drink: Champagne w/ Chambord

Style Envy

Today’s Sunday Inspiration Post:

I absolutely love reading online fashion blogs to see what other people are wearing.  It is also great to learn tips about how to dress better and to do it on a budget (like me).  One of the things that always hits me is that I prefer to see a fashionable outfit on a thin person, as opposed to a person of my size.  Now granted, I am not saying that I want to look like a model or a stick figure.  I personally find these shapes un-womanly and I am not proportioned to ever be a straight stick. Even so, I find myself envious of the thinner physique because it seems to carry the outfit better.  This inspires me to continue on my journey to meet my weight loss goals so that I will look better in my current clothes and in the clothes that I hope to acquire once I meet those goals.

Here are a few images of fashion that keep me motivated:

cute outfit


coco chanel


grace kelly

ines de la fressange

street style and the city Paris 6783

channel/audrey tatou