My Eat to Lose Plan 2015

Foodie Friday: My Eat to Lose Plan 2015

Hello People!

This is the one you have been waiting for!  Or at least it’s the one I’m most interested in when I’m looking closely at what one eats to lose weight. In the video I made for you I mentioned that I don’t measure things out; now I do. Some stuff has changed since then so here is the gist:


I did a lot of searching on the internet at what different people eat to look a certain way.  Mostly I viewed the strategies of James Bond girls, and was led to many of the conclusions that I present here. Also, I got a lot of good nutritional information in the book Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy by J.J. Virgin.Unknown-1  For the record, I am not on a crash diet or any type of boxed food ordered meal program that I pay to eat (other than my vegetables that I will explain later).  This is a diet designed by me, for me, and works with my metabolism which thrives on the macronutrient ratios of: 50% Complex Carbohydrates, 40% Protein & 10% Fat.  This information I gathered doing lots of experiments through eating meals and by reading the book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek.Unknown-5

I eat 3 meals a day and sometimes an afternoon snack, but not always.  It depends on my hunger level and when I eat my meals in regards to spacing; also how much I ate at the last meal. Meals are generally spaced about 4 hours apart. I try to eat meals that will fill me up with lots of fiber so I am not constantly thinking about food which tends to happen to me when calories are restricted and I’m eating too many carbs, of any kind. I drink coffee with whole milk and 2 tsp of Manuka honey and one more cup with 1 tsp coconut oil and whole milk every day.  I am not omitting dairy, caffeine, fruit, carbs, saturated fat or chocolate from my diet.  This works for me, but may not work for everyone especially if you have an intolerance (like to dairy) or cannot eat one square of chocolate and be satisfied. The diet is varied and I cook all my meals myself.  I eat as close to “clean” as possible.  There are some exceptions due to the fact that I am not trying to be a body builder or become weird about food.  I love to cook and that will never change.  I love flavor andUnknown am not afraid to use marinades, sauces, dressings or seasonings/salts to make my food taste good. If you don’t know how to cook or what to cook I suggest the cookbook Cook This, Not That! by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding. Let’s talk details:



I eat a lot of protein because it tastes good to me and fills me up. I love animals and wish that I could be a vegetarian, but I feel like crap when I omit animal meat from my diet.  Sorry. Therefore, I buy the least offensive meat possible when I can in the form of organic and/or free range.  Most of the meat I eat is in the form of: Chicken (all parts, not just breast, but no skin due to calories), Skirt Steak, Lean Ground Beef, Eye of Round Steaks, Lean Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloin, Canadian Bacon, Whole Eggs, Salmon, Mahi Mahi, Talapia, Sole, Scallops, Shrimp, Ground Turkey, Turkey Breast on the Bone and Turkey Cutlets. I eat about 150 to 200 calories worth at every main meal which is roughly (depends on the protein source) 3 oz weighed after cooking.




I’ve gotta have these or I won’t be able to stand up.  These have probably been the most limited in variety in my diet as compared to everything else I eat. The carbs I mix and match are: Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Basmati Rice, Squash, Carrots, Sprouted Grain Bread, Beans/Legumes, Fruits and Oatmeal.  These I try to keep low glycemic due to my body processing them like fire and leaving me starving in an hour if they are too high on the glycemic index.  Beans in the form of black, pinto, white, pinquito, lentils and black-eyed peas leave me feeling the most satisfied.  I put them in a crock pot with water or broth, a can of chopped tomatoes and a can of enchilada sauce and let them party in there for 6 to 8 hours on low heat.  I use a rice cooker to make rice and steam vegetables and fish.  I bake my sweet potatoes with no oil but eat them with butter. Squash, Carrots and whatever other veggie is laying around gets roasted in a hot oven with a splash of olive oil. I eat about 1/2 cup or 1 serving of Carbs at my meals. My carbs usually total about 80 to 100 grams a day.



I am not afraid of fat and nor should you be.  Fat makes you feel full and gives your brain something to fuel itself with.  We can live without carbs and protein for a while, but not fat.  I cook with fat and eat fat on my salads and in the form of sauces.  I love Butter and Coconut Oil in organic form.  I sauté a lot of vegetables with garlic in Olive Oil and dress my salads in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Flavored Oils.  I eat Avocados and Nuts a lot too.  Cheese (1 oz daily) is also a fat source for me as well as Whole Milk in my coffee and black tea.  These are of course all measured out using spoons or scales because a little goes a long way.



I don’t love vegetables, but force myself to cook them or eat them raw or find recipes to make them taste good.  Sometimes I make soups with them or chop them up raw and eat them mixed with romaine lettuce.  I recently went back to my twice monthly order of a box of mixed organic vegetables delivered to my front door.  This helps me eat them and use them in recipes.  Otherwise, I may not buy them or eat them in the quantities that I should.  I aim to have 5 to 7 servings of fruits (no more than two of these) and veggies a day. Lately I have been planning my meals around the fresh Vegetables I have and not the protein.  My favorite salad dressing recipe is: Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, fresh Meyer Lemon Juice, Crushed Garlic, Salt and Pepper.


Bean Chips

Bean Chips

I messed around with the number for this for a few weeks because I need to lose weight, but I need to not feel constantly hungry too.  Hunger can be tamed by the types of food you eat and the ratios, but know that when you are on a diet to lose weight, there will be a bit of hunger; you are eating less food and creating a caloric deficit – so one must get used to it!  Maintenance will add a few more calories back in, but not MANY more. I initially started with 1,400 but was not losing weight.  Then I dropped it to 1,000 to 1,200 but felt I needed a snack at the mid-day point sometimes.  So, I have settled on 1,300 for now. This seems to be a good set point for me and works with my BMR.  This number may be fiddled with again later on, but for now it is working like a charm.  I do add in 3 cheat meals a month.  These are chosen carefully in advance and I enjoy them without guilt.  It is 3 cheat MEALS though and not DAYS. Also, on Sundays I am allowing myself to eat 1,500 calories and take it easy on exercise. Variety will keep my body guessing.  I also have alcohol occasionally, but it is rare.

Is that what you wanted to know?  Hope so…I am tired of writing now and need a snack 🙂



Know When to Say “When!”

Hello People!

Long time no post.  I have been in diet limbo for the past near month.  On a whim, I ordered a long forgotten diet that had worked for me in the past, The Prism Diet, and had started it with full enthusiasm.  It is based on Christian principles that when applied, are darn good.  It requires a mentor to monitor your progress.  This is very important.  So, I called the number listed extensively throughout the book and the-all-important Curriculum Binder to ask the headquarters if they could find me a mentor.  The number sent me to a recorded message that wanted to send me on a “FREE CRUISE!!!” Also, when searching for the diet and a basic website on Google, one is lead to a series of dead-ends mostly with people asking on chat rooms if the diet works or not (most decide that it is too rigid, to this I LOL’d a few times).  There isn’t a website or a headquarters.  Apparently, the diet is now defunct and the creators of it don’t care about you or their precious diet that was created for the masses.  To be honest, I couldn’t even find an entire Curriculum (each section of the diet is grouped by 6 weeks of time, this is contained in the Binder as a whole; mine is missing the last 6 weeks) and only ordered a partial from Amazon; used of course.  Then, I got bored. Then, I got angry.

It just isn’t working anymore.  I think my body gave up on dieting and has taken the offensive against my good intentions.  It is holding onto 25 pounds of fat like white on rice and I’ll be damned if losing it isn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done, including training for a marathon!

Sooooo….. I made a little/big video just for my blogging friends.  I’m sorry it is a half hour long, but it is straight from my heart and I could not find any of it to trim to make it shorter.  It was filmed in my backyard on a breezy afternoon.  So, if you get bored looking at me, you can watch the leaves dance behind me.  This video explains my current thoughts on losing weight, what I plan to do in the future and what I think about diets.  I’m sure you can guess, but I would be happy if you watched it anyhow.  It just might give you some ideas if you are in a rut as well.

P.S. The blog will be different from now on based on these thoughts.  I am even contemplating changing the image of this blog to reflect my new attitude towards eating and health.

Challenge Video #2

Hello People!

I have another installment in my video series: Challenge Videos.  This one is about eating as much of the colorful fruits and vegetables as you can swallow each day.  Usually, on most diet plans, vegetables (provided they aren’t root veggies) are considered “free” foods or the calories aren’t really counted because for the most part they don’t have too many per serving.  Fruits, do have some calories, but I don’t think it hurts a person to eat at least 2 pieces or servings a day.  It’s certainly better than having a bag of cheetos!

Consider these numbers:

  • 1 whole raw Onion = 40 cals
  • 1 medium Bell Pepper = 25 cals
  • 1/2 cup of Sauerkraut = 25 cals
  • 1/2 cup of cooked Spinach = 20 cals
  • 1/2 cup of raw sliced Summer Squash = 13 / cooked = 18
  • 10 sprigs of Watercress = 10 cals
  • 1 medium 5 oz. Tomato = 35 cals
  • 1/2 cup of Turnips = 15 cals / Greens = 15
  • 1 cup of Lettuce (all types) = 10 cals
  • 1/2 raw Mushrooms = 10 cals / cooked = 20
  • 1 medium raw Carrot = 33 cals
  • 3 oz. cooked Cauliflower = 15 cals
  • 1 stalk of Celery = 5 cals
  • 2 oz. of Fennel = 10 cals
  • 1 whole Cucumber = 40 cals
  • 1/2 cup of Collard Greens = 15 cals
  • 1/2 cup Green Beans or Snap Beans = 20 cals
  • 1/2 cup cooked Broccoli = 25 cals
  • 1/2 cup cooked Beets = 25 cals
  • 1 whole Eggplant, 4.5 oz. = 40 cals
  • 1/2 cup raw Jicama = 25 cals
  • 1/2 cup Kale = 20 cals

Shall I go on?  You can see from this list that the numbers are low and that’s for full servings.  Remember too, that when you cook something like mushrooms or squash, the water leeches out in the cooking process making the total weight smaller after cooking, so you can eat more of cooked vegetables than raw per serving.  See any you want to try tonight?

P.S. Sometimes, to add more vegetable and fruits into my diet, I make a green smoothie that I’ll show you how I make in another post.

Meal Highlight: Brown Rice & Veg

Hello People!

Saturday Meal Highlight: Brown Rice with Vegetables & Chicken

This is the first Saturday post about meals I have made or am eating during the week that I share intimate details about.  Actually, my Mom made this dish and she included organic chicken in it.  The stir-fry vegetable mix came in a package and she added other types of veggies such as a red pepper, green onions and mushrooms.  She cooked everything in olive oil. She used about 1 1/2 Tbsp for a recipe that would feed 6-8 servings.  I added the 1/2 cup of brown rice to make it a complete meal in macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrate & Fat


I will season all of it with a little bit of tamari sauce (it doesn’t contain wheat).  I also included in this meal a bowl of cherries (12, for the record).  Not sure I could do much better than this in terms of nutrition.

Total Estimated Calories: 325

The Saturday Weigh-In: 7

(Posted on a Sunday!)

Hello People!

It is time for another installment of my weight loss progress.  This week was successful, and I have to think that maybe it had something to do with drinking my green smoothies and cutting back on the gluten.  It is interesting to note that once I did this, I was releasing tons of water out of my system. Now the weight that I lost this week is purely water weight for sure, and I don’t expect to see these kind of numbers again, but this way of eating is going to be a part of the plan until it doesn’t work anymore (which I think won’t ever happen, meaning, it is worth keeping and using).  You can see my video on what my dietary changes are HERE. Note the subtle diet changes starting on Sunday…


Current Weight: 140      Weight Lost: 3 Pounds


Breakfast: Tea w/ 1 Tbsp 1% Milk, Rye Toast (homemade) w/ Peanut Butter & Fruit Spread

Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup, Apple w/1 Tbsp Peanut Butter

Snack: 1 oz. Mixed Nuts, Lara Bar (Apple Pie)

Dinner: Out to Restaurant-4.5 oz. Grilled Sea Bass, Baked Potato, 2 Tbsp Butter, Grilled Vegetables, Salad w/ Olive Oil Dressing, 4 small cookies

Exercise: N/A

Total Calories: ??? Too Many



B: Tea w/1 Tbsp 1% Milk, Rye Toast w/ P.B. & Fruit Spread

L: huge Green Salad w/ 1 Chix Thigh (boneless, cooked in Olive Oil), Bell Peppers, Avocado, Tomatoes, Olive Oil Dressing, 1 cup Strawberries

S: Green Smoothie – 1/3 Water, 1/3 Dark Leafy Greens (Swiss Chard & Spinach), 1/3 Fruit (Blueberries, Banana)

D: 3 oz. Corned Beef, Boiled Cabbage and Carrots, 2 small New Potoatoes

S: Orange

Treat: Hot Chocolate w/ Coffee

Exercise: Tae Bo ( (350 cals burned)

Total Calories: 1000



B: Tea, Rye Toast w/ 1 1/2 Tbsp P.B., 1/2 Banana, 1 Tbsp Honey

S: 1/2 oz. Mixed Nuts

L: Chicken Sandwich – 1 slice Sourdough, 1 oz. Deli Chicken, Spinach, Mustard; Apple

S: Green Smoothie; 1 oz. Nuts

D: 1/2 cup Brown Rice, 2 oz. Ground Pork, Mixed Veg, 1 Tbsp Curry Paste

T: 2 small Chocolate

Exercise: N/A

Total Calories: 1440



B: Rye Toast w/ 1 Egg cooked in 1/2 Tbsp Butter, 1/2 oz. Ground Pork, 1/2 oz. Cheddar Cheese

L: Same except sub Chix Thigh for Ground Pork

S: 1 oz. Almonds, 1 Orange

D: Soup – Beef w/ Veg; Croutons

Exercise: N/A

Total Calories: 1245



B: Same as Tuesday

S: 1 oz. Almonds

L: Same as Tuesday plus 1 Orange

S: Spirulina Chips

D: Corn Tortilla Chips (homemade) w/ Salsa; 1 oz. Corned Beef

T: 2 small Chocolates

Exercise: N/A

Total Calories: 1255



B: Tea w/ 1 Tbsp H&H; Green Smoothie; 1 cup Oatmeal w/ 1/3 cup Blueberries, 1 oz. Almonds, 1 Tbsp. H&H

L: Black Bean Soup; 1 oz. Corned Beef; 1/4 cup Basmati Rice

D: Mary’s Gone Crackers (Rice Crackers), 1 1/2 Tbsp Hummus; 1 Orange; Tomato & Cucumber Salad w/ Dressing

T: 3 small Chocolates

Exercise: ZWOW #7 (225 cals burned)

Total Calories: 1180



B: Tea; Green Smoothie; 1 oz. Almonds; Rye Toast w/ 1 Tbsp Hummus, 1 Tbsp Pesto; 1 hard-boiled Egg

L: Rye Toast w/ 1 1/2 oz. Cheddar Cheese & Prosciutto

D: Out to Restaurant – 1/4 serving Fried Mozzarella, 3 oz. Breaded Tilapia, 1/2 cup Orzo Pasta w/ Veg & Butter; Red Wine, 2 bites Chocolate Cake

Exercise:  Walked Dog; Walk/Jog Program (525 cals burned)

Total Calories: 1350

Go Organic NOW!

Inspirational Sunday: Going Organic; Reasons to Do It NOW!

Hello People!,

If you have 27 minutes to spare, I beg you to watch this video on YouTube that I saw yesterday.  Please keep an open mind if you are a vegan or vegetarian, not everyone agrees with those eating styles and this video (watched ALL THE WAY THROUGH) applies to all eaters of every kind whether you choose to eat animal products or not.  I was really angry and frustrated with the ignorant comments in the response section and felt really bad for the lady who posted this interview. When watched all the way, you will see that this is not necessarily only a platform for the guest to explain why vegan/vegetarianism is wrong (according to her and her research), but why we should be concerned about our planet and our soils immediately regardless of our different practices. I for one, do not judge either way (right versus wrong), which isn’t to be confused with making a definite decision for myself but respecting those who choose differently. We can all learn from vegans and vegetarians about eating healthier and making better food choices.  Everyone must make the responsible choice for themselves; but please don’t push your ideas on others in a forceful, rude manner. You wouldn’t want someone to do that to you, would you?

This is VITAL info folks: If we don’t do something now, we won’t have another choice.  Please make the right one – FIND A WAY!

Great Nutritional Read

Today’s Inspirational Sunday Post:


Just a quick tip for today.  I absolutely love, love, love, love, love (did I mention LOVE!) the tiny little publication called nutrition-actionNutrition Action Health Letter that comes out monthly.  Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D. is theimages Executive Director of the mag and always has an insightful memo to readers on the flip side of the front page.  He is associated with the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

A few article titles include:

  • “The Healthy Cook” LOVE this because it always has recipes
  • “Brainmakers, Can Popping Pills Preserve Memory?”
  • “Right Stuff / Food Porn” compares two similar products w/ very different results
  • “Food Rumors, Have You Heard?”
  • “Multiplex, What You Need to Know About Multivitamins”
  • “Gluten Free Confusion, Separating Fact from Fiction”
  • “Pastabilities, How to Find a Super Sauce”
  • “Carbo Loading, Do You Overdo Refined Grains?”
  • “Achoo! How to Avoid Catching a Cold”
  • “Pizza for One, How to Have It Your Way”
  • “Metabolic Meltdown, How a Spare Tire Leads to Diabetes & Heart Disease”
  • “Dress It Up, How to Make Your Salad Spin”
  • “Living In a Microbial World, Learning to Love Your Bacteria”
  • “Beyond Bread, Think Thin”
  • “Gut Myths? Clearing Up Confusion in the GI Tract”


I really can’t say enough amazing things about this magazine.  The guys/gals that write and research the articles are major health aficionados who REALLY CARE about making the public aware of what is healthy and what is bologna. The recipes are the bomb, full of fresh produce and lean meats; often times vegetarian in nature that would make a carnivore’s mouth water.  A healthy cook couldn’t ask for more.  The comparison article featured in every issue called “Right Stuff / Food Porn” makes one think twice about heading out to Hagen Daas for an ice-cream confection; or how to face the frozen food section in your neighborhood grocery store.  PLEASE subscribe to this magazine.  It will be a major benefit to help you stay inspired for eating and living well.

Nutrition Action

The Saturday Weigh-In: 2

Mmm-k, here is the second installment of the exciting adventures of my weight loss. It was a good week, thank God, or I would have been peeved! I gave it my best college try folks.  I sprained my back in the process too and now smell like an old person’s medicine cabinet while it heals.

A couple of notes:

1. Still working on the “I hate vegetables” problem.  This will take a while.

2. Sunday is going to be my Cheat Meal day. Yes, I believe in that IF IT FITS INTO YOUR CALORIE ALLOWANCE!

3. If you think any of my meals sound yummy, please leave me a comment and I will give you the recipe.  Most of my meals are prepared by myself.

4. “Total Cals” factors in what I ate minus my workout calories spent; remember, I am aiming for 1350 total daily calories

 be slim

Current Weight: 141     Pounds Lost: 2

Measurements In Inches: Arms 12 3/4; Bust 34; Waist 28; Hips 40 3/4; Thigh 24


Saturday Jan. 18, 2013

Breakfast: Omelette w/ Roasted Pork, 1/2 oz Asiago Cheese, Coffee w/Cream

Lunch: Tuna Wrap, small Tangerine

Snack: 2 Tbsp Almonds

Dinner: Vera Cruz Snapper, Rice, Wine 4 oz.

Treat: 2 Marshmallows, Coffee w/Cream

Workout: Strength Training App – Arms 7.5 minutes; Abs 10 minutes; Butt 7.5 minutes (100 cals spent)

Total Cals: 1340


Sunday Jan. 19, 2013

Breakfast: Sourdough Toast, Masala Omelette, Coffe w/ Half & Half

Lunch: Double Stack Burger, small Chili, small Frosty (from Wendy’s)

Dinner: Thai Green Curry w/ Chix, Rice 1 cup

Treat: 1 Marshmallow

Workout: Long Walk (670 Calories Burned)

Total Cals: 1235


Monday Jan. 20, 2013

Breakfast: Sourdough Toast, Masala Omelette, Coffee w/ Cream

Lunch: Chix Salad on 1 cup Spinach, Crackers

Snack: Goldfish Crackers, Almonds 2 Tbsp

Dinner: Cereal w/ 1/2 cup Berries, 1/2 cup 1% Milk

Treat: 2 Marshmallows, Coffee w/Cream

Workout: N/A

Total Cals: 1205


Tuesday Jan. 21, 2013

Breakfast: Sourdough Toast, Masala Omelette w/ 1 oz. Asiago Cheese, Coffee w/Cream

Snack: 1 oz. Goldfish Crackers, 2 Tbsp Almonds, Coffee w/ H&H

Lunch: Chix Salad on Spinach, Crackers w/ 2 Wedges of Laughing Cow Cheese

Snack: 1 Wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese on Celery, Carrots

Dinner: Miso Glazed Salmon 4 oz., Lemon Sauce, 1/2 cup Basmati Rice, 4 oz. Red Wine, 1/2 cup Steamed Zucchini

Workout:  N/A

Total Cals: 1300


Wednesday Jan. 22, 2013

Breakfast: Same as Tue. w/ small Tangerine

Snack: Same as Tuesday

Lunch: Same as Tuesday

Snack: Same as Tuesday

Dinner: 3 oz. Miso Glazed Salmon, Lemon Sauce, 1 cup Basmati Rice, 4 oz. Red Wine

Treat: 2 Marshmallows

Workout: N/A

Total Cals: 1535


Thursday Jan. 23, 2013

Breakfast: 1 cup Kashi Go Lean Cereal, 1/2 cup 1% Milk, 1/2 cup Mixed Berries, Coffee w/ 2 Tbsp H&H

Lunch: 1/2 Turkey Panini and small Black Bean Soup at Panera Bakery

Snack: 1 oz. Goldfish Crackers, Coffee w/ Cream

Dinner: Chix Thigh, 1/2 cup Lentils

Treat: Marshmallow (last one, thank GOD!)

Workout: The Firm DVD (354 cals spent)

Total Cals: 1091


Friday Jan. 24, 2013

Breakfast: Sourdough Toast, 1/2 small Avocado, Egg cooked in 1 tsp Butter, 2 Slices Canadian Bacon, Coffee w/ H&H

Snack: 1 oz. Goldfish Crackers, Coffee w/ H&H

Lunch: Roast Beef 3.5 oz. Wrap w/ 2 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges & 1/2 cup Spinach

Treat: 3 small Chocolates

Dinner: Same as Thursday

Workout: Jillian Michael’s Kickbox DVD (185 cals spent)

Total Cals: 1300


Reference Posts: The Sat Weigh-In: 1