Who Is Right?

Think It Through Thursday:

Who Really Has the “Answer” to Weight Loss?


Hello People,

I have been really researching health and wellness earnestly the last few days just because I’ve had a sudden urge to discover more, and I am hitting a wall over all of the contradictory information being presented by BIG names in health and fitness.  I mean, who is right in the department of: “I have the answer to your weight loss problems!”? They all have the “answer,” and those answers contradict each other in huge ways that only leave me confounded and not wanting to eat anything or ever exercise again.

Case in point: I am hearing by leaps and bounds from the Paleo/Atkins/The Zone type crowd (not all of them strictly Paleo, but anyone and everyone who believes we should be eating all full-fat proteins, saturated fats, and vegetables – eliminating all grains, dairy and fruit) how ESSENTIAL eating full-fat meat, like steak and pork chopsimages-1 is to our endocrine system.  It has little/no effect on raising blood sugar (yay!) which is the sole reason we are all too fat, and is NOT the reason why arteries clog or diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc, etc… happens.  Then, I get in the mail one of my favorite health publications, one I really trust, and on the cover it says “Why Red Meat is Dangerous! New Research Shows that Carnitine in Meat is Bad for Your Health.” And this is just one example out of many. Both parties have extensive scientific research to back them up.  Both are completely believable. Both have valid points to consider.  Then, there is the consideration of how my gut feels about all of this back and forth.


Maybe they do have the answer, but only for some people. I’ve tried eliminating grains from my diet and frankly, it doesn’t work for me.  Not because I want the sugar or I need a carb fix, I really need some whole carbohydrate in each of my meals to feel satisfied and full.  My brain does not work without them – really!  I’m talking within reason too, like a 1/2 cup of a starchy carb such as beans or brown rice.  Nothing crazy. I do not feel right eating a meal of only meat and a pile of veg.  I could eat that all day and feel miserable.  I know some of you reading this know what I mean.  This doesn’t apply to everyone though.  Some, like my Dad, are perfectly fine eating a meal like that.  They even thrive!  Good for them – but don’t push your Dogma on me just because it works for you.


The real irony of the situation is, once you stop to think about what is really going on here, is that every one of these people, no matter how educated and important they are, are trying to SELL YOU SOMETHING!  Sure, once upon a time they may have been mere individuals, like me, on a quest for real answers to health and well being.  Their research was honest and hard-earned.  They deserve their credentials.  No doubt about it. They may in fact really believe (and I know they do) that their research is right.  But then, it dawned on them that they could make a buck or two “educating the masses.” They go under holistic titles and claim they are against the Big Food Industry who they say over and over again are only out to make money off of consumers.  Let’s face it: Big Pharma, Monsanto, The Meat Industry – are. But…aren’t these people in it for a little piece of the pie too?  Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing what the rogue health community is talking about and 90% of it applies to me as real truth that is completely useful.  But as far as the “I have the answer to all of your health/fitness/emotional-mental problems” is concerned – I don’t completely agree with any of them.  Paul Chek comes the closest, but even he has concepts that I think are full blown incorrect.


You may be wondering why I would be so bold to say they are wrong?  I mean, who the hell am I to argue?  I don’t have any credentials or Books/T.V./magazine/newspaper/Documentaries behind me touting my validity.  Because of my own body telling me in a real physical way that what they say doesn’t entirely work for me.  Therefore, I must find what does and perhaps it may come down to hand-picking from multiple sources what my beliefs about health and wellness are.  Then I’ll write a book and make lots of money telling people that “I have the answer to all of your health and fitness problems!” JK.


The Marathon Effect: Extra

Hi there!

I have been searching day and night since I posted the article about The Marathon Effect.  I wanted to give you all a reference for where I got my information. Leaving it open-ended seemed a bit unfinished.  So after hunting down the radio interview (this took hours on end to find) with JJ Virgin, I have a viable source you can decipher for yourself about what I stated.

I’m referring to the section where I said: exercising/endurance training in the fat burning zone for long distances will make your body store more fat when you are done to replace what it has burned.  You literally become a fat storer professional.  You will lose muscle also in the process compounding the problem of screwing up your metabolism. And…you release tons of stress hormones like cortisol that will also help you to store fat like a boss.  This is cardio for hours on end that I am talking about- not working out in the weight room for 3 hours.  That is different.


JJ Virgin has a resume as long as my body.  She was a health advocate on the Dr. Phil show and has done numerous appearances on T.V., written tons of magazine articles and her own army of books, and has appeared and spoken at tons of health conferences.  She has every credential in the book and is a huge believer in “Burst Training” or what I call HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Please listen to this incredible interview with her on Blog Talk Radio hosted by Underground Wellness.  The marathon discussion happens around 31 minutes.